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Object Manager Advanced v10.03 (trial till 15-11-2017)

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Over 1000 Companies worldwide already have chosen for the Object Manager Advanced for their development, source control and deployment. The Object Manager Advanced is available from NAV version 3.70 up to 2017.

Dynamics NAV 2017

The Object Manager Advanced is available for Dynamics NAV 2017. Although we don’t have a trial version for the RTC NAV versions, we can offer you a (online) demo session with one of our experienced consultants. Just send an e-mail to, and we will plan the demo at a date and time that is convenient for you

The Object Manager Advanced – Save Money & Time

The Object Manager Advanced is the most comprehensive product for development and deployment for Dynamics NAV. The quality and continuity are recognized by Mibuso ("Best Download Award") as well as Microsoft ("Microsoft Innovation Award"). IDYN also became member of the prestigious "Microsoft President's Club". The Object Manager Advanced is the best tool for supporting your developers and consultants in Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step or any other methodology tools in place. Using the Object Manager Advanced will not only help you develop in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it will also reduce time and costs when it comes to maintaining your solution and deploying it to your customer. The newest version of our award winning tool, is packed with new features as well as enhancements on existing functionality. The Object Manager Advanced let customers use the Role Tailored user interface to import new objects, actions, data and/or roles.

The Object Manager Advanced reinvented the development environment in Dynamics NAV. Working in projects, with multiple developers at the same time in the same environment, streamlines the way developers and/or development teams deliver their solutions. Source Control and Version Control are built into you NAV environment. Powerful tools with functionality such as the ability to lock objects, renumber objects, fields and elements without hassle and the addition of a project module, will help lower time and costs with a higher quality of work. Whether you are working on a new add-on, upgrade existing solutions or if you're just making some customizations, the Object Manager Advanced will help you accomplish you goal faster against lowers costs and higher quality.

The power of the Object Manager Advanced is completely unveiled when you start analyzing your or other people's code. Errors and conflicts are easily found and fixed, and you won't even have to be familiar with the solution you're working on. Comparing different databases is easier than ever. The Where-Used functionality enables you to check where objects, fields, triggers, etc. are used. The Check Guidelines tool will not only check if the guidelines requirements are met, it even has the possibility to correct guidelines errors in C/AL code, whether you want to use the standard Microsoft guidelines or your own.

Deploying your solutions and updates to your customers can be a time consuming exercise. When using the Object Manager Advanced at customers, the days of endless checking, testing and comparing are gone. Combine all modifications in a transport and use the wizard to import them into your customer database. Using the highly improved and extended version of the Fob file, will allow you to send application settings, roles and documentation together with your objects. Your customers will have an much greater insight of the work and changes you've made. Deploying with Dynamics NAV never was this easy and reliable, resulting in more satisfied consultants and customers.

"Just started using Advanced Object Manager and it's absolutely amazing. I wish I knew about this product before. Congratulations this product is a MUST for any NAV developer."
Emmanuel Talbot, Navision Development Supervisor, Department of Information Technology, Kitco Inc., USA

"The Object Manager tool increases my programming productivity enormously and helps me saving time. That makes Object Manager Advanced a wonderful Add-On, I wouldn't want to work without it anymore"
Michael Peters, IT Department BOS FOOD, Düsseldorf, Germany

"If you see it, you want it – If you have it, you want to keep it"
Timo Lässer,, Germany

“This is the best development tool for Dynamics NAV available in the market. We are very happy with our choice and our development team loves to work with it.”
Rebecca Yih, TrendMicro Taiwan

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