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OMAPlus – plugin for Object Manager Advanced

John Reinhold  
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This plugin makes it possible to achieve these functions in OMA for NAV 2009R2. Even if you are not using OMA, just install the automation and use codeunit 79500 in your own way. If you need help, then drop me a line – just hit the envelope next to my name, and send me an email.

For some years I have been using OMA and find it extremely useful. But it's obvious that I've found a couple of things, that I would like it to have. All my ideas has been forwarded to who develops OMA. But in the recent release, NAV2009 is no longer included. So I thought that now is the time to publish my OMAPlus plugin.

OMAPlus combines the use of .NET, automation, SQL scripting, CFRONT and C/AL to make it all happen. Also, the object export functionality exploits the fact that NAV reads dirty (uncommitted) data in SQL. It requires .NET Framework 3.5 or newer. But don't worry – it's easy to use.

See the document OMAPlus explained.pdf in the downloaded archive for details.

Added functionallity

  1. Export to fob file (from SQL database)
  2. Export of killer-objects (from SQL database)
  3. Show database information on the title bar of the client window
  4. Copy of object list to clipboard


  • save the files in the OMAPlus folder to a folder of your choosing
  • replace the two cfront files with correct versions (files for runtime 37643 is included)
  • run the reg.cmd file
  • import objects from the file Objects for NAV2009R2 - 60.37643.rar (OMAPlus 2.20 for OMA 11.01 on NAV2009R2 fob/txt)


  • exit the NAV-client using the plugin
  • run the unreg.cmd file
  • replace OMA-objects to originals
  • delete codeunit 79500