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Navision 2013 replaces Excel Automation by Open Xml Spreadsheet technique to increase performance and align with web environment. However, it is a challenge to master and enhance Open Xml Spreadsheet in C/SIDE. To make it easy, we would like to introduce our solution which is pure Open Xml:
- Support input Value, Formula, Format Value, Format Cell more than 250 characters.
- Support Format Value for Text, Number, Date, Time .
- Support Format Cell:
+ Font Bold, Italic, Underline, Double Underline.
+ Font Name, Size, Color by Theme and Rgb.
+ Back Color by Theme and Rgb.
+ Border Around, Horizontal, Vertical, Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Diagonal Up, Diagonal Down with Style, Color by Theme and Rgb.
+ Border Styles are None, Thin, Medium, Dashed, Dotted, Thick, Double, Hair, MediumDashed, DashDot, MediumDashDot, DashDotDot, MediumDashDotDot, SlantDashDot.
- Refresh Formula Cells automatically.
- Support Web Client.

You can list all objects by filtering *S-000* in Version List of Object Designer. Page 4 Payment Terms is starting point where you can find how to operate it:
- Create new Workbook.
- Update existed Workbook with user interaction or silence.
- Read book with user interaction or silence.

Update 28/09/2014:
- Quick installation guide and include OpenXml Platform Hotfix files.
- Show or Hide % completed status to increase speed.
- Better input cells according to cell types.
- Support version 7.0 (2013), all builds.
- Support version 7.1 (2013 R2), all builds.

Update 28/06/2014:
- Relieve headache error when reading and writing Excel file.
- Up-to-date document (section 6).

Update 14/06/2014:
- Release Open Xml Excel Library document (section 6).
- Optimize code to increase performance 80%.
- Manage memory better.
- Stop using Excel Interop DotNet variables.
- Add SetColumnWidth function.
- New Font Color, Back Color and Border Color by Index.

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