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Reports ForNAV Designer and Converter

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Simplify reports and increase productivity.

With the Reports ForNAV Designer and Converter, we make designing NAV reports fun again by enabling you to:

  • Convert Classic and RDLC reports
  • Use an intuitive Designer
  • Leverage optimized reports
  • …and much more

Making changes to a report is something everyone should be able to do. The Reports ForNAV Designer is clear and intuitive. It's easy to see which controls to use and our preview option makes it straightforward to work in small iterations, while keeping the ability to undo.

We’ve provided every barcode control we could find out-of-the-box; you can print addresses without any programming; and you can allow for transport headers and footers.

If you want to change the font on all your reports or change the address from the left to the right, our standard report pack is just what you need. We support using master sections, which means making bulk changes to reports is a piece of cake.

For more advanced engineers, we enable mass converting and updating of reports using PowerShell. Our reports also let you use JavaScript on top of, or side-by-side, traditional AL code. You can make simple changes to our standard reports without being a full-stack NAV developer or even buying a special license.

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