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Statical Supervision 1.0.1

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Supervision produces an interactive and color-coded view of your C/AL object text source code.

Working on our next project, Statical Prism, we discovered a few bugs which have been fixed with this version of Supervision. For details, see the accumulated release notes below.

The target user group of Supervision is supporters, developers, architechts, code reviewers and consultants needing a deeper insight into code than is directly obtainable through the Microsoft Dynamics NAV C/SIDE environment.

Supervision takes as input a Microsoft Dynamics NAV object text file and produces as output a directory with richly color-coded, hyper-linked and highly interactive HTML files.

Our aim is for this tool to help C/AL code reviewers to better understand the code they wish to examine - be it their own code or the code of others. This can be useful in chasing defects, getting an understanding of a module unknown to the developer, for an architect to determine if guidelines are met, etc.

Please visit for further details.

Note: If you have a previous version of Supervision installed already, you may need to uninstall it first before running the installer.

Note: If you experience problems please make sure you are not generating the output to a network drive as this can cause issues both during processing and when browsing the HTML files (some browsers have stricter security for content from network drives which in turn prevent certain Javascript features from being used).

Statical Supervision is free and will remain free.

Below follow the accumulated release notes:


Statical Supervision requires Microsoft .NET 4.5 (Full) to be installed.

If you have installed RTC for NAV 2013 you will already have .NET 4.5. Otherwise, an installation package can be downloaded from Microsoft:


If you have already installed Supervision, then please uninstall the old version before installing this version.

The installer creates a shortcut on your desktop as well as in your program folder under Statical\Supervision.


Statical Supervision 1.0.1

Bug fixes

ID 142: Name resolution of codeunit TableNo property

TableNo property was not recognized as an object reference, "Rec" was not identified as a an implicit global variable. Given a table Rec with field A, all identifiers in the following statements are now resolved:

Rec.A := '...';
A := '...';
MODIFYALL(A, '...');

ID 168: Name resolution of event parameters and local variables

Identifier usages within events were not resolved against event parameters and local variables of the event

Statical Supervision 1.0.0

New features

ID 90: Name resolution/linking of named object references

Supports object references on the form "PAGE::Customer Card"

ID 97: Completion of resolution/linking of WITH-DO statements

We now believe name resolution/linking of WITH-DO statement is complete; If you think otherwise, please let us know

ID 104: Support for NAV 2013

Now supports new NAV 2013 features (main changes are query objects and new format for reports)

ID 105: Changed runtime to .NET 4.5

In preparation for our next project (released soon), we changed from .NET 4.0 to .NET 4.5.
If you have installed RTC for NAV 2013, you will .NET 4.5 installed already.

ID 109: Name resolution/linking of field parameter positions of table functions

Example: In rec.SETFILTER(A, B), A must be resolved as a field of rec, and B must not be resolved as a field of rec

ID 139: Outgoing links from properties that reference objects

When a property reference an object, we now link to the object

Statical Supervision

Bug fixes

ID 103: Parsing fails on files exported with 12-hour clock in regional settings

The parser now accepts files exported with 12-hour clock.

Statical Supervision

Bug fixes

ID 95: Special chars in identifier names

Now using OEM encoding from the local installation machine to decode source code text

Statical Supervision

New features

ID 99: Feedback from application

Feedback can now be given directly from Supervision

ID 100: Check for new versions

Supervision can now check if a newer version is available (Help/Check for update)

Bug fixes

ID 96: Some reserved words cannot be used as e.g. function names

The parser now accepts reserved words such as Permissions, ACTIONS, and MENUTIMES as e.g. function names, just like the C/AL parser in C/SIDE.

ID 98: Block comments completeness

Block comments (using curly brackets) are now correctly parsed in all code sections
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