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With success of "Universal Data Import Export", we have received a lot of requests from customers and community for importing data from Microsoft Excel as "Universal Excel Importer". It is friendly and very useful that Classic NAV Systems (NAV 2009 earlier) should have. Unfortunately, it hasn't brought to new NAV Systems (from NAV 2013).

According to demand and its beauty of simplicity, we decided to develop "Universal Excel Import" (Product S-05) for new NAV Systems. With our tool, users manage to import master data, sales, purchase, financial data . from Microsoft Excel files.

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Main features of "Universal Excel Import":

1. Simply import data from Microsoft Excel with 4 steps:
   - Step 1: Browse Excel file.
   - Step 2: Select Excel Sheet.
   - Step 3: Choose Database Table.
   - Step 4: Map Fields.
2. All 4 steps can be run without user interaction if predefined.
3. Import data with dimension values.
4. Smart Choose Database Table by Sheet Name or predefined in Excel file.
5. Save time with auto map Excel Headers to nearest Fields Name/Caption.
6. Support insert new records only or update existed records only or both insert and update.
7. Field Validate trigger: can be invoked separately or skipped.
8. Record OnInsert and OnModify triggers: can be run or skipped.
9. Flexible settings in Excel file to adapt your business requirements:
   - Constant Values such as #Const;GENERAL#Const;100.
   - Auto Number such as #AutoNum#AutoNum;10000;10000.
   - Not Import Columns such as #NotImport.
   - Not Validate Columns such as #NotValidate.
   - Not Insert New Record such as #NotInsert.
   - Not Modify Existed Record such as #NotModify.
   - Predefined Table ID/Name/Caption such as #TableID;18#TableName;Customer.
   - Skip Field Mapping such as #SkipFieldMapping.
   - .
10. Support Web Client.

Update 28/11/2019:

  • TRIAL (any NAV Licenses) to 31/12/2019, CRONUS NAV License (3048953) to Year End 2019.

Update 22/07/2019:

  • Release tool for Business Central on Premise, version 140.
  • TRIAL (any NAV Licenses) to 31/08/2019, CRONUS NAV License (3048953) to Year End 2019.

Update 19/04/2019:

  • TRIAL (any NAV License) to 31/05/2019, CRONUS NAV License (3048953) to Year End 2019.

Update 21/01/2019:

  • Release tool for NAV from 2013 to 2018 + 365 Business Central (version 070 to 130).
  • TRIAL (any NAV License) to 28/02/2019, CRONUS NAV License (3048953) to Year End 2019.

Update 16/10/2018:

  • TRIAL (any NAV Licenses) to 30/11/2018, CRONUS NAV License (3048953) to Year End 2018.

Update 19/03/2018:

  • TRIAL (any NAV Licenses) to 30/04/2018, CRONUS NAV License to Year End.
  • Release tool for NAV from 2013 to 2018 (version 070 to 110).

Update 29/09/2017:

  • Trial to 31/10/2017.

Update 02/07/2017:

  • Trial to 04/08/2017.

Update 31/03/2017:

  • Export: optimize tool for database table lookup.
  • Export: assist edit Filter Expression with Values Lookup page.
  • Measure runtime for both Import and Export.

Update 2/09/2016:

  • Import: optimize tool to increase performance.
  • Export: drill down Filter Expression to look up and select desired value.
  • Export: assist edit Filter Expression on Option and Boolean field data type.
  • Enable Partners to localize tool, all use captions instead of names.
  • Combined License, simpler management for both Partners and Customers.
  • More interactive dialog status allows users to stop process at any time.

Update 10/02/2016:

  • Support NAV from version 7.00 (2013) to 9.00 (2016).
  • Optimize tool to manage memory better and increase performance.
  • New approach and technic to handle large Excel file.
  • New YouTube videos on import/export large Excel file.
  • Export data to Excel with:
    - Dimension information.
    - Select desired Fields to export.
    - Arrange Excel Column Order.
    - Adjust auto Excel Format Value.
    - Filter data on Normal, FlowField and FlowFilter Fields.
    - Define Excel Data Header Caption.
    - Specify Excel Sheet Name.
    - Set Number of Rows to be exported.
    - Indicate Excel Top Left Cell, and include/exclude Header.
  • Not use Codeunits 44, 5370, 5618, 50007 and Page 358, 50055.
  • Use Codeunits 31, 32, 33, 280 and Page 9174, 59.
  • New symptom 4 - Implement Indirect Permission.
  • New symptom 5 - Apply Custom Permission.

Update 13/09/2015:
- Unlimited Pack Trial to 30/11/2015.

Update 10/07/2015:
- Trial to 30/11/2015.

Update 23/05/2015:
- Export: new Properties of Fields row for preparing data.
- Import: adjust default Data Range as new Properties of Fields row.

Update 16/05/2015:
- New feature - Export data to Excel for Import Data Template.

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