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How To determine what objects can be read with the current license file?

Luc Van Dyck
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Navision stores this information in the virtual table 2000000044 Permission Range. This information is based on the license file that is currently in use. The virtual table isn't visible in the Object Designer, but you can use it when designing a new form, or you can reference to this table using a record-variable.

Steps to create the form
  1. Create a Tabular-Type form using the Wizard (Table 2000000044)
  2. Select all fields to be displayed on the form
  3. Choose Finish
  4. Modify the SourceTableView-property: WHERE(Object Type=FILTER(Table..Codeunit))
  5. Press Ctrl-R to run this form
You should get a result as in following screenshot (the actual numbers may vary, depending on the license file being used).

The columns From and To shows you the object range.

You can now set a Field-Filter on From: 50000..99999 to show what customized area is included in the license:

Here you see that the customer has purchased the Table-, Form- and Report-Designer (which includes 10 tables, 100 forms, 100 dataports and 100 reports). One has not bought any codeunits.

When you have a developers license, the form looks like this (with Field-Filter From: 50000..99999):