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Integration of DocuWare document management software (version 6 or higher) into Dynamics NAV (version 2009 RTC or higher)
I) Archiving outgoing documents
- Automated, server based, in time archiving of all documents, which can be printed from NAV, like sales invoices, purchase orders, reminders, etc.
- Multiple versions of one documents can be archived (for a sales quote or order, e. g.)
- Manual Archiving of not yet archived documents possible via batch routine.
- Re-archiving of already archived documents possible (layout corrections, e. g.)

II) Archiving (assignment) of ingoing documents with NAV objects (records)
- Scanned documents, emails, etc., which have to be linked with NAV data, can be processed directly from a NAV client session.
- Integrated document viewer from DocuWare.
- One document can be linked to multiple NAV objects (records), for example a data sheet can be linked to multiple items.
- Assignments can be cancelled and a document can be newly assigned to another NAV object.
- A NAV document can be marked as "not archivable" (for example a wrongly posted purch. Invoice and the corresponding credit memo)

III) General Features (for in- and outgoing documents)
- Indexing of arbitrary data fields from NAV
- Individual Indexfunctions for each document type.
- Direct visualization of not yet archived documents in NAV.
- Display the archived document (sales invoice, etc.) directly from NAV with a mouse click.
- Query archived documents for index fields (customer no., vendor no., item no., etc.) directly from NAV (for example from the customer card) with date filter.
- Integration of document search in standard Navigate function of NAV.