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Acette Technologies FZ LLC

Suite 208, Building 3, Dubai Internet City
PO Box 500353 Dubai, UAE
United Arab Emirates
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+971-4 3908778
+971-4 3908786
Sunil Sivanand
Function: Managing Director
Phone: +971-4 3908778
Fax: +971-4 3908786
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• Cyrptography Solutions
• SMS Banking
• Internet Banking
• ATM Switches
• Payment Systems
• Loyalty Systems
• Mobile Messaging & Mobile Data Applications
• Messaging Engines
• Reconciliation Software
• Payment Solutions
• Cheque Processing Software
• Time & Attendance Solutions
• HRMS & Hiring Solutions
• Estimation Software for the Construction Industry
• Construction Management Solutions


Acette is a specialised Systems Integration and Consulting firm headquartered in Dubai Internet City in the UAE. Its products and services are focused on serving the Financial Services sector in markets in the Middle East region. Acette also has a base in Oman and operates from its offices located in the Knowledge Oasis Muscat, Oman¡¦s premier Technology Park.


Acette¡¦s services and solutions strategies are focused on providing systems integration services, technology based advisory, a range of messaging, security and cryptography products and solutions and their hands-on implementation services to our clients.

Acette has distinct areas of activities as follows:

• IT Systems Integration,
• Products and Solutions Reselling & Implementation,
• Consulting Services.

Most of Acette¡¦s senior management and consultants were previously partners and technology managers in banks, global consulting firms and the telecommunications industry.