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conion media GmbH was founded in the summer of 2005 with the aim to develop software for business processes on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The focus lies particularly on individualized solutions within Dynamics NAV itself or revolving around the product, solutions which are not (yet) available in the Standard version.
We have placed our focus on complex processes and new technologies involving an emphasis on information technology. Almost our entire team is comprised of developers in the fields of C/AL, .NET/C# and HTML/CSS/JavaScript. As a result we are setting a clearly defined example in the direction of product and special developments for existing customers and partners. We view Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a holistic, fully integrated ERP solution. When it comes to receiving the maximum feasible benefit on a technical scale, we make the most out of this product.


Anveo Mobile Apps, Web Portals and EDI for Dynamics NAV

Anveo provides three powerful AddOns for Dynamics NAV:

• Use Anveo Mobile to create individual apps. Just set-up your desired app in Dynamics NAV client and publish it to smartphones and tablet-PCs. Anveo Mobile is fully offline capable including local business code. This empowers NAV developers to create solutions for salespersons in the field, service technicians and other mobile scenarios.

• Anveo Web Portal is a web-client designed for portal solutions like customer/vendor portals and limited-access-users.

• With Anveo EDI connect you can simply exchange any data like invoices, items etc. to customers/ vendors with X12/EDIFACT/Text.

Operating the user interface takes place intuitively and is very easy to learn. A few minutes is all it takes for you to find your way around the interface. Anveo is 100% Dynamics code; it uses the existing business code from Dynamics NAV – including your customizations.