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Adolfo Fernández Méndez
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EMS DB.Net Conector® is the platform of integration native MS.Net developed by Euclides Información that allows to access (entirely) to the database MBS Navision (from the version 2.6 from now on).
This access is of reading and writing, concurrent to limitless quantity of users (alone it requires an only one user license MBS Navision) with surprising times of answer.
It allows the use of calculated fields, the execution of CodeUnits and allows the access to databases MBS Navision based on MS SQL Server like to the Navision DB Server.

Technical characteristics:

Standard Microsoft ( Based entirely on .Net Framework ).
Accessible .dll from any environment.
Interface XML.
Invocation for SOAP ( Web Services ).
Joining Multithread.
Optimization of resources by means of Thread-Pooling.
Administration of Users and Native Security of Navision.
Ideal for Integration Process between different systems and softwares.

And if you’re involved in a Navision E-Business project ( B2B, B2C or B2E ), we recommend to you to evaluate:

EMS Customer Portal® is the platform E-Business native .NET developed by EUCLIDES that will allow you to make reality your projects B2B, B2C and B2E in a controlled way, quick and of easy evolutionary maintenance (even for your own teams of YOU).
EMS Portal Cliente® supports the concurrent access (via WEB) of a limitless number of users, clients and partners of business, with surprising times of answer; independently of the volume of information to try.

EMS Portal Cliente® will consent and will upgrade your data in a direct way to the system ERP MBS Navision, thanks to the technology EMS DB.NET Connector developed by EUCLIDES and based entirely in. Net, with which will be able to in real time:

 To negotiate and to administer Catalogs of Products (multiple levels), Promote, Clever of Prices, Electronic Trade, etc.

 To negotiate Clients, Commercial and Countable Documents, Administration of Guarantees, Technical Support, On-line Pursuit of Collections, Payments, Deliveries, Supply, etc.

 On-line generation of Offers, Orders, Invoices, Payments, etc.

Allow us to demonstrate it to you !!!

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Microsoft Dynamics:

MBS Navision


Owner Products

Euclides Mobile System PORTAL CLIENTE ( P/ Navision )
Euclides Mobile System PORTAL CRM ( P/ Navision )
Euclides Mobile System PORTAL CRM ( P/ Microsoft CRM )
EMS DB.Net Connector ( P/ Navision )


Installation of ERP's Microsoft Business Solutions Navision and Axapta
Installation of Microsoft CRM.
Mobility Projects with On-line integration with MBS Navision and Axapta.
Development of Portals B2B, B2C, B2E with On-line integration with MBS Navision.
Web Services
Development on FrameWork .Net
Universal Integration to Navision
Strategic consultancy of Systems
Formation and Technical Support.