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Fuel Supply Management

1637 Main Street, Suite 1
Onalaska, WI 54650
United States
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FSM is not only the most comprehensive fuel management and accounting solution available, but is also the most flexible. FSM comprises multiple modules that address each area of the fuel supply chain and can deploy individually or in combination, over time, to address specific customer needs.


Complete ERP business software for wholesale fuel distributors. Our software provides fuel supply management, fuel tax automation, and fuel order processing solutions. Our software automates all aspects of the fuel distribution process.


FSM software provides support for key requirements at and below the rack including terminal, tank, and pipeline position management, fuel contract maanagement, fuel load dispatch and carrier management, load optimization, strategic sourcing, sophisticated fuel tax, fuel shrinkage, terminal fee and fuel supplier fee calculation, automatic vendor invoice reconciliation, fuel tax compliance and electronic filing, cents per gallon reporting and CRM for marketing.