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Mariana Sahores
Function: Marketing Manager
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Grupo Euclides is now the 6th largest partner of Microsoft Dynamics worldwide and a national leader with a market share exceeding 20%, having gained the loyalty of more than 1000 organizations within different business sectors. This loyalty has been, is, and will be without doubt one of the priorities of Grupo Euclides.
Our business approach is modern and technologically advanced constantly looking for innovation so we can provide the best technological solutions for business management, processes and costs optimization.
We develop Regional localization, whose main functionalities are:
Developed with philosophy and native code (Add-Ons approved by Microsoft®).

Comprises modules required for end-to-end administrative, tax and accounting functionality in the Latin American Region (except Brazil). It covers effective federal, provincial and municipal regulations.

Automatically integrates management of receipts, withholdings, different tax brackets, cut-off points and scales.

Also integrates Advanced Treasury with management of own and third-party checks, postdated payment checks, partial payments, payments in advance, receipts, tax reports, etc.

Management of cash, fixed funds, cash flows with different acidity levels, etc.
Documents, enables printing, management and traceability of checks, receipts and withholdings.

Includes AFIP, SICORE, SIFERE, CAI Control reporting, among others.

Electronic invoice, electronic export invoice, several integrated modes. It is configurable and customizable for new taxes and/or legal and tax regulations.

Printing on Tax Printers at Points of Sale (POSs).

Management of multiple currencies, multiple receipt books, Areas/Regions/States/Provinces/Municipalities, etc.

Grupo Euclides strength and high market reputation have enabled us to increase the number of deployments and our market share hence minimizing the risk of choosing an IT partner. To rest assured that doubts are cleared and the optimal use of the Management Solution functionality ensured.

Grupo Euclides offers a wide range of solutions for banking, automotive, distribution and manufacturing industries; among others, which have been implemented by experts, integrating the sector leaders’ business intelligence and allowing each company to improve their operative efficiency and costs through a fully customized management solution.

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Microsoft Dynamics:
MBS Navision
Owner Products
Microsoft Dynamics Add-On Localization in Latin American Region
Industry solutions:
- E-project (construction)
- E-promox (property development)
- E- real (real state agents)
- Herculex (equipment rental)
- Magnux (maintenance management)
- Arkymedex (engineering)
- Hermex (consultancy)
- Góndola (distribution)
- Fashion business (Fashion & footwear)
- Argenta (purchasing centers)
- Annata IDMS (automotive)
- SIMA (DMS Automotive)
- Audiovisual Management (audiovisual production)
- Retail (POS)
- Cash Flow Manager Avanced


Nowadays, Grupo Euclides offers a complete range of technologically advanced solutions, consulting and IT services with the aim to continuously increase business productivity, promoting the companies growth through the market’s most advanced technological tools.
The knowledge of how to do business in different sectors, allows Grupo Euclides to provide really efficient solutions that become measureable benefits for companies.

The areas/solutions in which the Grupo Euclides’ services focus on are:
Enterprise Solutions
• Vertical Business Solutions (ERP)
• Business Management (ERP)
• Relationship Management (CRM)
• Document Management and Corporate Portals
• Business Reporting and Analysis
• Cash Flow Management
• Electronic Invoice
Strategic objectives
• Optimize management
• Reduce operational costs
• Improve business control
• Improve resource productivity
• Optimize business processes
• Optimize decision making