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GWS Gesellschaft für Warenwirtschaftssysteme mbH

Krögerweg 10
48155 Münster
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Thomas Junglas
Phone: +49-251-7000-3933
Fax: +49-251-7000-3910
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The GWS Gesellschaft für Warenwirtschafts-Systeme mbH was founded in 1992. Today the company has over 160 employees working at their head office in Muenster and subsidiaries in Munich, Nuremberg and Karlsruhe developing, marketing and supporting over 1000 installations by more than 700 customers. Their scalable ERP (enterprise resource planning) business solutions for trading and service companies are tailor made for agricultural and industrial cooperative societies and also incorporate Internet shops and Internet branch portals. Extensive consulting and training services complete the portfolio with an expected company turnover of 17.2 Million Euro for 2005. Customers can also become members of the GWS Foerder- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft fuer Warenwirtschafts- Systeme eG (an associated promotion co-operative society).
The GWS has achieved yet another successful year in 2004.
The positive company trend continued with a net result for ordinary business activities amounting to 1.6 Mio. Euro. The turnover amounted to 18 Mio. Euro. The consistent concentration on specific business solutions is proving to be a sound future-oriented strategy. As a result of this commercial growth the company has increased its manpower to 160 employees, now developing, marketing and supporting business solutions in the technical and grocery wholesale, agricultural and retail sectors.


ERP systems “gevis“
- gevis for the agricultural trade, cooperatives societies and
- gevis for bakery and confectionery cooperatives
- gevis for purchasing cooperatives in the butchery trade
- gevis for market-gardening and associated services
- gevis for building material suppliers
- gevis for the fruit and vegetable wholesale and retail trade
- gevis for painters’ purchasing cooperatives and painters’
wholesale trade
- gevis for technical wholesaler
- gevis for clearing offices with pool or syndicate trading
- gevis for the floral wholesale trade
- gevis for purchasing cooperative societies and associations
- gevis for perishable goods wholesaler
- gevis for the beverage wholesale trade
- gevis for the large-scale catering trade
- gevis for baby and children specialist retailers
- gevis for the food wholesale trade
- gevis for opticians’ cooperatives and associations
- gevis for the tyre retail trade
- aws – stand-alone ERP system
- iris – integrated information system (large-scale ERP system)
- network systems

Internet Business
- (eCommerce solutions)
- (information services via internet)
- (internet security)
- w.port (internet portal services)

Network communications:
- s.dok (documentation management system)
- (individual intranet solutions)
- GWS archive services


- Training & Education
- Hardware
- Electronic Signatures
- Consultancy