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The MBS Axapta EAM solution developed by Hofinsoft is an Enterprise Asset Management and industrial / plant maintenance solution. MBS Axapta EAM aims at providing a solution to the asset managers by enabling effective data analysis, supporting on line queries and reports, quicker decision-making and better Availability, Reliability and Maintainability (ARM) of critical equipment, thus ensuring less down-time. It helps plant managers to achieve efficient production levels. MBS Axapta EAM allows a fast track implementation of the software thereby resulting in a faster ROI. . It can be installed stand-alone or in a network environment. It can effectively meet the maintenance requirements of any plant - manufacturing or process
Hofinsoft is in the business of providing IT solutions for Enterprise Asset Management for over 2 decades pioneering in maintenance management and MBS Axapta EAM is the outcome from the lessons of the past and essentials of the future. Hofinsoft has developed and successfully implemented IT solutions for maintenance management in a variety of platforms at a number of domestic and international client locations.
This Solution Addresses these Business Issues
• Increasing global competition - Increasing pressure on the maintenance department, whose major objective is to provide safe and secure continuous operation at highly demanding levels.
• Asset maintenance - the health of a machine has a considerable impact on the productivity & efficiency of the plant and consequently determines profitability of the organization.
• Asset Inventory - Equipment Database provides exhaustive information of the equipment that are available in the plant which helps to identify, update and review the details of assets.
• Equipment Identification - assists in identifying subassemblies of equipment as a unique equipment ID, i.e. physical identification.
• Cost Tracking and asset evaluation - helps to track costs, evaluate failures on equipment and assists management in identifying operating inferiority.
• Work order administration - MBS Axapta EAM assists to create, manage and update work orders and record costs & historical information. Once a work order is completed, all actual costs are posted in the equipment history file.
• Maintenance cost information - The system can display cost breakdown of work order including details of each skill and other expenditures.
• Monitoring of assets - Continuous monitoring allows maintenance to be done on necessary basis rather than periodic.
• Planning - The system provides a comprehensive module to build up their database along with technical information, plan for their inspection, accept the inspection details and provide facility for comprehensive querying, trending and reporting.

Customer benefits
• Reduces maintenance costs.
• Improves productivity & efficiency.
• Gives better availability, reliability and maintainability.
• Reduces overtime.
• Increases profitability.
• Maximizes capacity utilization.
• Reduces maintenance cycle times.
• Provides efficient on-line work planning.
• Empowers decision making process by information availability anytime anywhere.
• Adheres to Operational and Environmental safety standards.
• Derives optimum benefits across the value chain by integrating all functional and business processes.
• Provides seamless integration with the materials system.
• Provides comprehensive work order generation and tracking.
• Monitors and controls spare parts and manpower.
• Gives exhaustive equipment history and cost history.
• Provides ready reckoner trouble shooting guide.
• Provides storage and retrieval of Engineering Drawings.
• Provides exhaustive manuals & documentation.
• Provides accurate maintenance cost information
• Decision making can be based on up-to-the-minute historical cost data
• Eliminates wasteful maintenance work and improves equipment availability which is a key factor to profitability.
• Early warning of deteriorating conditions to prevent equipment failures and avoid costly repairs.
• Provides a description of the machinery condition to determine the need for maintenance activity without the need for disassembly and its consequences.


Axapta (EAM) Enterprise Asset Management - Maintenance

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Corrective Repairs
Opportunity Maintenance
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Condition Monitoring
Preventive / Planned Maintenance
Turnaround Maintenance
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