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“NAVex Latvia” has extensive experience in IT solutions development and implementation on various companies. We have developed a number of business management and accounting automation solutions for government institutions and service providers.

We are also proud to be a certified Microsoft Partner with silver enterprise resource planning competency and IBM Business Partner.

Our main strength is Microsoft Dynamics NAV as ERP platform for accounting and business process automation, with our solutions for leasing, collections of payments and utility billing. Another field of our expertise is BI and Data warehousing. We are IBM partners in BI for Cognos, Cognos Express and TM1.

We are the only ones who supplies IBM Cognos and MyABCM software in Latvia.

We have experience in:
• Implementation of Microsoft products
• Development of individually customized and sophisticated solutions
• Development of web based solutions on .NET platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
• Business Intelligence and Performance management

Our main activities are information systems and software development, business management, financial management and accounting solutions, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, as well as information systems integration and consulting.

We offer industry solutions for leasing companies, utility providers, telecom operators, manufacturers, traders, builders, insurers and other companies.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV, BI and Data warehousing, MyABCM.


Account Correspondence - Functionality provides a complete turnover report on general ledger accounts, which include correspondent accounts and respective amounts involved in specific transactions. With this functionality you can quickly and conveniently review the recorded transactions to identify any errors in the records or the correspondent accounts used.

Advance Payments - Add-on was designed to keep account of issued and spent advances and to prepare the necessary reports. The use of advance payments can be easily arranged according to variables (department, justification, etc.), thus ensuring a detailed accounting of expenses.

Car fleet management - Functionality calculates company car fleet costs and distributes them across the general ledger accounts. Fuel consumption control, waybill creation, registration and VAT calculation in accordance with the legislative enactments, tracking of insurance expiration dates, registration and control of car service works.

Debt collection - Debt collection solution developed jointly with debt collection companies and is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Debt collection solution is designed to help your company improve debt collection process by automating tasks and activity measures what now occur manually.
This solution enables the whole cycle of debt collection, starting at the input cases, contacts, registration fees, payment registration till the closure of the case.
- Can import almost any electronic format
- Can create graphics, inspect how they are executed
- Elastic management of portfolios
- Endless possibilities in creating reports
- Integration with a CRM (contact, task assignment)
- WEB portal to enable the customer to monitor the statuses of own portfolios, as well as the possibility of external users to verify the information of the debtor
- Unlimited possibilities to add clients, debtors, employees, statuses, etc.

Electronic invoices - Prepared and sent to the e-mail specified by the customer, thus considerably decreasing the costs related to invoice printing, signing and posting to customers. The functionality for automatic sending of customer invoices ensures that these invoices are also imported in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

FiDAViSTa - Add-on enables integration of electronic bank payment systems: automatic transmission of payments to the banking system and display of information on incoming payments within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV software. Additionally, there are processes developed, which automatically match incoming payments with the prepared invoices.

Payroll and Human Resources Management - Solution complements the existing functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The module includes tools required to ensure efficient calculation of salaries and maintenance of human resources information. It is fully compliant with the legislative enactments of the Republic of Latvia and includes sophisticated and convenient tools for human resources management.
The system also allows module improvements – to make additional changes if the elements regulated by the law are amended. It also allows preparation of various summaries and reports: personal files, vacation schedules, staff-roll, summary on open job positions within the company, staff rotation, scheduled health checks, employee contracts and other reports required by managers and the human resources department.

Solution for Construction Companies - This solution is developed together with construction enterprises. It takes into account the peculiarities of business processes related to various aspects of construction, and allows you to fully leverage tools for financial planning and control.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to keep track of loading personnel, machines, special construction machinery and equipment that enable efficient use of resources in project management and financial management of construction enterprises.
- Two-level budgeting/estimating projects
- Comparing project estimates with real costs
- Monitor cash flow and analysis of total costs and revenue
- Control gains and losses on projects, time and physical assets
- Management of contracts and schedules of payments from customers
- Accurate accounting of project flow and estimates
- Record time of workers engaged in projects

Solution for Leasing companies - NAVex Leasing is designed for businesses that offer leasing services for individual and legal persons, including consumer loans, cash loans without collateral, as well as accounting objects by implementing tools.
Module provides online processing of data, beginning with registration applications for leasing, making payment schedule and agreements, debt collection to control receivables and sending marketing offers. Module includes all the necessary client management functions, in order to ensure the most comprehensive databases of customers and their transactions history.

Major parts of the module are:
- Function for fast processing contracts and documents
- Relationship management and customer data (CRM)
- Debt control and tools to reduce risks
- Reports and tools to analyze leasing portfolio
- Remote execution of leasing

Solution for Telecommunication Companies - The solution provides a binding to a specific client object services (in-home, street, apartment, etc.) and analyze this information from different perspectives. This solution provides flexible mechanisms for definition of services, billing and binding to client contracts, detailed analysis of the services offered and the ability to manage receivables. Furthermore it is possible to use a different payment system in different client contracts and services to accounts automatically add charges proposed by the special services and prepayments and similar information.
Integration with financial accounting tools module provides a detailed analysis of costs, tariffs, and the ability to create different statistical reports income and expenses of with services.

- Detailed information about clients
- Flexible integration of Subscriber contracts and various services (e.g., packages cable TV)
- Accounting finance networks and buildings
- Integration of different devices (SIM cards, modems, decoders, etc.)
- Integration with CDR (call detail record)
- Flexible pricing and discounts, fines and citations
- Integration with banking systems
- Reporting

Solution for Trading Companies - This solution covers the entire spectrum of business processes and allows you to take full advantage of modern business management system Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

- Information about prices and discounts on merchandise, both for individual customers and customer groups
- Information about the balance of goods in warehouses
- Using bar codes in warehouses, and product sales
- Logistics, the actual recording and planning routes and supplies
- Customer relationship management (CRM)
- Information about debtors
- User-friendly data analysis of products, customers or vendors

Solution for Utility Companies - Module utilities is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it can bind each service to its customers object (Street, House, apartment, etc.), and enables a multifaceted analysis of that information. It’s based on flexible mechanisms for defining services tarification and binding customers to contracts, detailed analysis of our services and debt collection.
Integration with financial accounting tools module provides an analysis of revenues and expenditures, the preparation of estimates, as well as a variety of reporting.

- Detailed information about clients and their leases, employment and community services
- Support for different tariffs and calculation methodologies (counters)
- Automation of recurring actions (preparation and printing of invoices, import payments from the Bank, performance counters)
- Detailed information about counters, their producing, binding to objects and specific documents
- Control of debts
- Ready bills can be sent out by emails
- Automatic distribution of total resources expended on specific targeted customers
- Convenient form of indicators input, error control (deviation from the average consumption, leakage, etc.) using the calculation on the average number of indicators for free/copied/historical periods.