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RealTime IT Services LLC

845 Third Avenue
New York, NY, 10022 6th Floor
United States
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Franklyn Gutierrez
Function: Owner
Phone: +1-800.516.1468
Fax: +1-646.755.3706
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Real Time IT unites companies in the US, Western and Eastern Europe. Since 2002 we have done corporate information systems development, support and upgrades, as well as custom software development, on global Microsoft Dynamics NAV and on local platforms.
We mean this as the ability to provide our clients with values of modern information systems in a faster and more reliable way than others do.


We believe in providing solutions with minimal modifications in very short period of time. At the same time we realize that PLAIN NAV system cannot be effectively used by most of companies. Over years we have developed many own modifications as long as developed partnerships with multiple vertical software vendors. All solutions that we have selected are matured products with multiple successful implementations. KISS – “Keep it Simple, Stupid” is the main principle used for development of our add-on solution. As Leonardo Da Vinchi said – "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" – it takes a lot of effort and knowledge to eliminate complexity from the system and process and deliver product that will allow people fell that they “work smart, not hard”.