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GDT Where Used Tool v1.0.0.20

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Analyze your NAV objects NAV 5, NAV2009, NAV2013
All objects, functions and fields will be listed.
See connection by "where used"

Update to (18/01/2017):

  • new Option Disable Finsql.exe detection
    In case you have copied your NAV Installation and GDT Where Used cannot find Finsql

Update to (2/11/2016):

  • Fixed "Missing fields in the DataItemTableView(where Condition)

Update to (12/10/2016):

  • Solves the Problem: "case" command inside "with do".

Update to (10/10/2016):

  • Solves the Problem with CurrForm.Control.FORM.Function and CurrPage.Control.PAGE.Function

Update to (3/08/2016):

  • Temporary Tables are available

Update to (5/07/2016):

  • Save window position, when close and open the window
  • displays source code of an selected object 

Update to (9/06/2016):

  • fixed: (ntauthentification = yes) produces a localization error in the German version 
  • Error Message, when using finsql direct import with NAV2013 or lower

Update to

  • NAV analyzer ignores options 
  • Error Message when using finsql direct import with NAV2013 

Update to

  • analyzer optimized
    With <Record> DO is recognized 

Update to

  • copy text with STRG-C to clipboard optimized
  • runmodal is recognized
  • font size corrected, due to the change you must reselect the font and size

Update to

  • direct import with finsql, includes all licensed Objects
  • new Option (select your Texttype and size for the textbox)

Update to

  • Fieldnumbers for Tablefields
  • ​visual Upgrade(Analyzer)
  • supporting run with call by constants

Update to

  • automatic Update to newest version

Update to

  • fixed local variables recognized
  • Finsql direct import is supported

Update to

  • fixed (cursor jumps to the end of object)
  • fixed (Functions are shown as used in the same object where it is declared)

Update 19/02/2016:

  • Bugfix "very long" text constant, combined with blank lines;

Update 16/02/2016:

  • Bugfix empty caption; empty Field name;

Update 14/02/2016:

  • Now supporting NAV2015 and NAV2016

Update 26/01/2016:

  • Fixed : "Quoting, with trailing blank"
  • Fixed: Order of where used nodes for one Object
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