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iFacto ReVision - Dynamics NAV Source Control

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iFacto ReVision is a bridge between Team Foundation Server and your beloved Dynamics NAV Development Environment (C/SIDE).  It adds source control to your development environment (and a lot more), with these focus points in mind:

  • Simplicity
    > Easy to install
    > Easy to maintain
    > One-time setup
  • No object changes in any database
  • Enhanced development experience

This download is a full released version of the tool, but is limited in functionality.  To be able to use it, you will have to request a trial license, which will enable the features for 3 months.

How to request a Trial License:

1.Download & install ReVision
2.Click About / Register Version
3.Click "Request Trial"
4.Fill out the online form

Included in this download:

  • Setup
  • User Manual
  • Installation manual
  • FAQ

iFacto ReVision interfaces with all clients from NAV 4.0 SP3 and above.  You can report all issues at .
When suffering crashes in NAV2013, you should re-install the .Net Framework 4.5 (+reboot).

Update 2016 Release

  • Refined NAV2016 support
  • Tested and approved NAV2016 interface (and all below)
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Improved stability

Update 2013 Release

  • Refinded NAV2013 support
  • Tested and approved NAV2013 interface
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Improved stability

Update 1.3.1

  • Mergetool Integration
  • Search repository
  • Enhanced RTC links (including webservices)
  • Reworked menu
  • Improved stability

Update 1.2.3

  • Compare developments with last checked in version
  • Lock NAV to Build: not able anymore to open a NAV client with the wrong build
  • Improved UI handling
  • Improved interop with NAV Clients
  • Improved memory addressing
  • Preparation of improved TFS interop
  • Changes in the framework in order to support NAV 7.

Update 1.2.2
- Proven 'NAV7' compatibility
- Open client:
> Added RTC client support
> You can now open DEV sessions, NAV clients and even start RTC sessions from ReVision.
- Source Control:
> Integration with NAV 2009 R2 'Locked/LockedBy' fields
> Compare an object with last checked in version
> Show object history from 'Pending changes' dialog
> More detailed error descriptions on source control module
- Compare:
> option to exclude Date/Time/Modified flags from exported files
> Compare an object with last checked in version
> doesn't checkout object anymore when 'Live Compile' is disabled
> Compare entire database at once instead of selecting all objects
- 'Select Object From fob', marks all objects in the object designer found in specified FOB file
- Improved performance windowhandlers
- Cancellation is also allowed for 'Synchronise All'
- ReVision windows are no longer locked onto NAV
- Fixed major TFS bug (only in v1.1.6): objects get unlocked when reconnection session
- Fixed icon problem in 'ProgressTracker'
- Solved problem with duplicate session names in different repositories

Update 1.1.6
- Start Client From ReVision:
> Added Scan function to get all clients on PC
> Work with build nr instead of NAV version
> Open Client from traymenu as well
- Export/Import config for repository to simplify setup for multiple users
- Compare:
> most recent version on the right
> More intelligent folder naming
- Redesign tray menu
- SQL trigger:
> Error repressing
> Preparations for future features
- Request trial from within ReVision
- Close pending window with ESC
- Problem solved with duplicate session names
- Minor bug fixes

Update 1.0.4
New features:
- Open Client from ReVision
- Roll Back object
- Merge previous version with existing version
- Show Check Out status on designer window
- Show Pending Changes on Object Designer Close
- Refined SQL Lock
Updated features:
- Checked out dialogs same manual as automatic checkout
- Checked out warning on all attempts
- revision command support on sub-designer windows
- usability UI van "Pending objects" / checkin form
- Compare tool: show files in fixed order
- Correct number of "previous checked out objects"
- R2 locked & locked by fields no longer overwritten
- TFS module update
- whitespace is not a valid mandatory comment
- repository settings are only changed on modification (instead of every time)
- resolved automatic checkin / checkout bug => subdesignerwindows
- table information close on ESC (all tabs)
- Minor inconsistencies fixed
- Updated Documentation

Update 1.0.2
The first release of iFacto ReVision!
- Possibility to request for a Trial License
- Possibility to order the product
- Demo works until 15/06/2011. After this date, no demo version will be available, which means that most features will be disabled. Afterwards, you can always request a trial license to test all features.

Update 0.9.43
- Extend Licensing period => 15/05/2011
- Minor bugfixes

Update 0.9.42
- Ensuring compatibility for future NAV release(s)
- Re-engineering framework for SVN support (still in development)
- Extend Licensing period => 30/04/2011
- Minor bugfixes

Update 0.9.40
- Hotkeys available from designer windows
- Support all languages (codepage-issues)
- Check In separate sets of objects to be able to use separate CheckIn-Comments
- Table Information Tool: Quotes removed/add again when transferring to clipboard (easy searching for fields)
- Compare option: make "Live Compile" optional.
- Message "Object checked out by UserX".
- Check In comment mandatory (option)
- Improved Error Reporting
- Add versioning to revision settings files
- "Auto Check Out" option: Make the user want to choose how he wants to check out objects.
- Added useability options to have less room for faulty setup.
- Extend Licensing perdiod => 31/03/2011
- Updated manuals

Update 0.9.39
- Updated requirements (see Installation Manual)
- Compare issue when object(s) didn't exist in second client.
- Checkout problems indicated in progress tracker.
- Table Information: Show fields "Maintain SQL Index" / "Maintain SIFT Index"
- Fixed: Checkin comment lost when checking in via "Pending Changes"
- Don't close "Pending Checkings" form on ESC
- Don't reopen the object designer when the "Pending Checkin" form is closed
- Don't open "Pending Checkings" when object designer is closed

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