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Full integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX | NAV
Celenia CRM Connector performs two-way synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics AX | NAV and CRM, ensuring that all data are updated in both applications at all times.

Full business process integration
Celenia CRM Connector supports integration and automation of business processes across Microsoft Dynamics AX | NAV and CRM and ensures data integrity, for instance the order and invoicing process: When a sales representative creates a quote in the CRM system and converts it to an order, it can automatically be posted and invoiced in the ERP system, and the invoice can be replicated back to the CRM system to inform the sales representative what has been invoiced.

Out-of-the-box solution
Based on our previous experience with CRM-to-ERP and ERP-to-CRM synchronization, we have created a set of out-of-the box synchronization ru les that meet standard demands for Customer, Contact, Item, Quote, Order and Invoice integration. Out-of-the-box synchronization rules can be applied immediately and give you a starting point for further customization.

Customizable solution with easy-to-use graphical tool
Celenia CRM Connector includes standard integration of customers, contacts, quotes, orders and invoices. The new Synchronization Studio is a graphical tool for customization of mapping and integration workflows, and for calling and executing code in CRM and/or ERP to fully meet your requirements for integration between the two systems.

Small footprint in CRM and AX | NAV: Easy installation and maintenance
The core of Celenia CRM Connector is CRM-version and ERP-version independent. This makes installation easier and the cost of maintaining integration lower as it enables you to upgrade your CRM or ERP system with a minimum of changes.
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