Dynamics NAV

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DealerBox – an integrated software platform for automotive retail organizations

DealerBox covers all automotive retail processes: from sales and marketing, financing and… By Intelligent Systems
02/01/2019 164 0 920,03 KB

SD EDI Manager

SD EDI Manager for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows users the flexibility to set-up unlimited… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
20/12/2018 330 0 407,88 KB

SD Maintenance Manager

SD Maintenance Manager for Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a CMMS solution (Computerised… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
22/09/2018 351 0 132,95 KB

SD Communicator

SD Communicator provides automated Integration for Dynamics NAV to and From Microsoft… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
14/08/2018 361 0 484,73 KB

SD Linkbox

Drag and drop files into Microsoft Dynamics NAV to link to any record. Version control any… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
12/07/2018 428 0 145,53 KB

SD Case Manager

SD Case Manager offers a highly flexible means of logging and tracking issues as cases with… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
22/02/2018 491 0 312,35 KB

MetaDocs - Document Management Solution for Dynamics NAV

MetaDocs for NAV is the Document Management Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. A complete… By MetaOption, LLC
20/02/2018 384 0 923,78 KB

SD Data Manager and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

This Dynamics NAV add-on allows a user enforce Data validation rules on any field in any… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
08/02/2018 452 0 491,2 KB

Easy PDF Email & Fax

Send out individual or batch personalized documents via fax, print, or PDF e-mail. Our most… By Dynamics NAV Addons
07/12/2017 437 0 253,35 KB

Easy Ship

Enterprise packing and shipping solution that works directly with parcel, freight, 3PL, and… By Dynamics NAV Addons
07/12/2017 441 0 268,46 KB

AR and Collections Manager

Instantly increase cash-flow with this complete collections management… By Dynamics NAV Addons
07/12/2017 417 0 630,37 KB

Visual Service Scheduler

The Visual Service Scheduler (VSS) is an add-in that fully integrates into the service… By NETRONIC Software GmbH
04/12/2017 278 0 527,99 KB

Visual Jobs Scheduler

The Visual Jobs Scheduler (VJS) is an add-in that fully integrates into the jobs module of… By NETRONIC Software GmbH
04/12/2017 417 0 479,51 KB

Nav-to-Net: B2C E-Commerce package for NAV (Navision)

Designed with your customer in mind, Nav-to-Net B2C e-Commerce package provides engaging… By Digital Vantage Point Inc.
23/09/2017 379 0 1,85 MB

Nav-to-Net: B2B E-Commerce package for NAV (Navision)

Agile, powerful, and securely managed in NAV, Nav-to-Net B2B E-Commerce webshop uses… By Digital Vantage Point Inc.
23/09/2017 421 0 2,97 MB

Nav-to-Net: Express E-Commerce package for NAV (Navision)

Hit the ground running with the Nav-to-Net Express solution package. If you are looking to… By Digital Vantage Point Inc.
23/09/2017 377 0 1,7 MB

TRIMIT Furniture

TRIMIT Furniture - Functionality for furniture companies Furniture companies can optimize… By TRIMIT A/S
29/07/2017 266 0 423,72 KB

TRIMIT Fashion

TRIMIT Fashion - Functionality for apparel, textile, and footwear companies Apparel… By TRIMIT A/S
29/07/2017 267 0 227,03 KB

TRIMIT Configuration

TRIMIT Configuration - Functionality for general manufacturing companies Manufacturing… By TRIMIT A/S
29/07/2017 268 0 411,18 KB

NP Retail

NP Retail Point of Sale – Future-proof POS Solution Grow with an all-in-one solution for… By NaviPartner
25/04/2017 288 0 1,76 MB

42 benefits of e-commerce for your ERP system

Do you want to open a web store but see a long road ahead? Imagining headaches caused by… By Sana Commerce
05/03/2017 651 0 312,61 KB

Dynamics Mobile - Mobile Fleet

Dynamics Mobile provides out of the box geo-location and geo-fencing enabled capabilities,… By Dynamics Mobile
16/03/2019 408 0 216,2 KB

Google embedded maps connector

The google maps connector enables the functionality of the Google maps API in your own… By Fd consultancy bvba
04/08/2016 506 0 2,31 MB

GLS-UniShip- Module

Print your UniShip-GLS-Labels with NAV 2015 or higher. DataMatrix-Module included, which… By DMS-SYSTEMHAUS GmbH
15/07/2016 496 0 263,36 KB


The very affordable automatic document recognition solution for all incoming documents for… By AAS At Work B.V.
11/07/2015 403 0 73,68 KB

Ricode Retail for Dynamics NAV

Ricode for NAV is the innovative software dedicated to retail, brought to you by the… By Ahead Informatica srl
27/06/2015 474 0 318,54 KB

Dynamics Trans – all-in-one solution for transportation, logistics and forwarding companies

Dynamics Trans is a specialized business solution designed for medium-sized and large… By Intelligent Systems
02/01/2019 712 0 2,2 MB

Dynamics Mobile – Van-sales & Distribution

Dynamics Mobile is a highly customizable mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERP (AX &… By Dynamics Mobile
16/03/2019 588 0 237,37 KB

Dynamics Mobile – Warehouse

Dynamics Mobile is a highly customizable mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERP (AX &… By Dynamics Mobile
16/03/2019 544 0 243,51 KB

Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce is the CfMD integrated B2B webshop for Dynamics NAV and AX that helps… By Sana Commerce
27/04/2015 689 1 444,4 KB

Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce is the B2B e-commerce platform that is installed inside Dynamics NAV and AX.… By Sana Commerce
27/04/2015 775 1 191,01 KB

Dynamics Mobile - mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Dynamics Mobile is a highly customizable mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERP (AX &… By Dynamics Mobile
21/10/2016 630 0 280,99 KB

NAVDocuWare 6.10

Integration of DocuWare document management software (version 6 or higher) into Dynamics… By DMS-SYSTEMHAUS GmbH
17/10/2014 551 0 1,1 MB

Responsive Design eCommerce for NAV: Nav-to-Net

Be where your customers are. Nav-to-Net is a tightly integrated e-Commerce solution where… By Digital Vantage Point Inc.
23/09/2017 725 0 1,04 MB

Now Released: Navgate, the future of NAV Development

Navgate will change the way developers work today. It was released at NAV Techdays where it… By IDYN bv
04/12/2014 2074 0 2,11 MB

Word Reporter

This tool enhances Dynamics NAV reporting capabilities providing an easy and powerful… By Ing. Simone Simionato
24/09/2014 743 0 109,11 KB

BI4Dynamics NAV

BI4Dynamics Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics is fast to implement, easy to… By BI4Dynamics
28/08/2014 600 1 14,04 MB

Unicode Tool

The Unicode Tool for NAV is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV which allows using Unicode… By OctoCon AG
21/08/2014 525 0 1,51 MB

Sana Mobile

Mobile order taking on location: supporting your sales force has never been this… By Sana Commerce
23/03/2014 703 0 343,97 KB

Sana Express

We understand you'd like to grow your business and take it online effectively. That's why… By Sana Commerce
23/03/2014 638 0 368,41 KB

Sana Commerce 8.3 Factsheet

More than 500 shops live on Sana Commerce. Here's why. We deliver fully integrated… By Sana Commerce
23/03/2014 669 0 340,1 KB

Sana webshop for LS Retail

Together with LS Retail, Sana enables a seamless online web shop which is exactly in line… By Sana Commerce
23/03/2014 629 0 649,25 KB

Sana Commerce - Perfion Connector

Web shops with good and comprehensive product descriptions convert visitors to buyers much… By Sana Commerce
23/03/2014 717 0 227,44 KB

Sana Commerce - e-Con Solutions Connector

Companies offering customer-specific products and services have always faced the challenge… By Sana Commerce
23/03/2014 673 0 224,91 KB

e-Commerce portal for B2B - Sana Commerce

Are you wasting your time with handling orders by phone, e-mail or fax? Or are you looking… By Sana Commerce
23/03/2014 712 0 357,66 KB


Soft4Microfinance is a core banking system for small and medium financial institutions, as… By Softera Baltic UAB
21/02/2014 517 0 193,79 KB


Soft4RealEstate is a flexible solution for small and medium commercial property management… By Softera Baltic UAB
21/02/2014 537 0 180,03 KB

Anveo Mobile App and Web Portal

Create your app and web portal using this toolkit: Anveo helps developers to build… By AnveoNAV.com
02/06/2015 944 0 1,74 MB

SD Geopal

Manage your Mobile Workforce from Dynamics NAV. SD GeoPal is an easy to use, integrated… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
04/11/2013 741 0 2,61 MB

NAVonline HelpDesk

More structure for your support - thanks to our NAVonline HelpDesk Our ticket system… By ic innovative software UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
09/10/2013 694 0 839,84 KB


DocumentPath is a fully integrated add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to automate the… By Epimatic
15/09/2013 881 0 242,56 KB

Product Modeling & Load System for Dynamics NAV

Save time with interactive modeling of data received from the CAD system, and… By Naveksa
05/08/2013 640 0 1,42 MB

MobileNAV - ERP Anywhere

MobileNAV is THE ULTIMATE mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly… By Multisoft Ltd.
02/04/2014 643 0 2,95 MB

Anveo EDI Connect - Experience a new level of EDI

Easily transfer EDIFACT, XML, X12 and Text/CSV files with your trading partners using Anveo… By AnveoNAV.com
30/04/2014 820 0 1,08 MB

Anveo Mobile Mobile access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With Anveo Mobile you always have your business data at hand with a locally installed app… By AnveoNAV.com
10/07/2013 629 0 420,19 KB

Anveo Web Desk Web-portals and intranet solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Experience new ease of use: create any web application directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV… By AnveoNAV.com
10/07/2013 637 0 556,72 KB


iBuild seamlessly integrates all departments of a construction company to enhance… By Xenatus Global
22/05/2013 619 0 1,24 MB

SD Point of Sale (ePOS) - v5.0.0

SD Point of Sale is a Dynamics NAV embedded ePOS solutions offering a robust, reliable and… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
25/03/2013 818 0 512,26 KB

ANTEI Intelligent Route Planner 8.0

ANTEI Intelligent Route Planner is a tool designed to bring advanced intelligent route… By ANTEI Computers Ltd.
03/07/2014 630 0 606,59 KB

SD Scan Store

SD ScanStore for Dynamics NAV works in conjunction with ScanToPDF software to allow you to… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
08/02/2013 877 0 506,96 KB

DC Dynamics NAVLync

The Dynamics NAVLync Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows telephone operatives to… By Dynamics Consultants Ltd
16/01/2013 732 0 531,78 KB

DC Parcelforce Integration

The Parcelforce Integration Add-on for Dynamics NAV helps and supports every member of the… By Dynamics Consultants Ltd
16/01/2013 756 0 487,66 KB

DC Bank Account Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation Add-on for Dynamics NAV makes a crucial part of the financial… By Dynamics Consultants Ltd
16/01/2013 726 1 860,83 KB

DC Document Receiving+

Effective document management is an important consideration for companies of any size or… By Dynamics Consultants Ltd
16/01/2013 708 0 555,51 KB

DC Document Sending+

Document Sending and Document Sending+ are fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-ons… By Dynamics Consultants Ltd
16/01/2013 734 0 681,08 KB

Select Solutions E-Commerce B2B

Select Solutions E-Commerce B2B is an Add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV… By Select Solutions
22/11/2012 514 0 676,33 KB

NC Cube Factsheet - RTC

NC Cube - the fully integrated BI solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV NC Cube allows to… By NAVAX Consulting GmbH
22/08/2012 656 0 1,11 MB

Completely integrated, one stop web solution for Dynamics NAV for B2B and B2C

IT IS web 20011 for NAV provides all advantages of Microsoft Dynamics within an easy to… By IT IS AG
12/07/2012 895 0 2,45 MB

Integrated eCommerce Solution (B2B, B2C and Sales Portal) for Dynamics NAV

Dynamics E-Shop is a fully integrated e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV… By Dynamics eShop Inc.
02/07/2012 643 0 2,31 MB

IT IS control 2011 (NAS optimization)

This tool greatly enhances the handling and functionality of the Navision Application… By IT IS AG
28/06/2012 704 0 665,72 KB

IT IS connect 2011 (EDI)

Increasing businesses need flexibility IT IS connect is a complete, expandable and XML… By IT IS AG
28/06/2012 723 0 964,03 KB

IT IS mail 2012

Your staff will love their new opportunities for easy outbound business… By IT IS AG
26/06/2012 835 0 802,72 KB

IT IS active 2010 for NAV (SP2)

Build strong teams between employees, business partners and vendors to optimize your your… By IT IS AG
22/06/2012 714 0 2,63 MB

Olivia PQM - Vendor and Product Quality Management

This module brings help to manage the tests to be made to ensure products quality… By Olivia Sistemas, S.L.
19/06/2012 673 0 513,71 KB

Magento Connector for Dynamics NAV

The add-on makes it possible to exchange data with your Magento webshop rapidly. Periodical… By Tinx-IT B.V.
29/12/2012 1023 0 452,89 KB

Customer Success Story: Integrating NAV with salesforce.com CRM

Learn about how HomeSpice Decor is using RapidiOnline to make smarter decisions when it… By Rapidi ApS (formerly Data Backbone Software A/S)
22/03/2012 818 0 1,49 MB

Wise Analyzer

Wise Analyzer is a .Net application that gives you enhanced capability to analyze Dynamics… By Wise
04/11/2016 600 0 185,4 KB

Solution for leasing process management “AmberLeasing”

We know how to make leasing companies more successful by adapting and implementing proven,… By Columbus Lithuania
23/02/2012 636 0 414,52 KB

Warehouse Mobile Data Module

The Warehouse Mobile Data Module (WMDM) provides warehouse employees with full access to… By Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions
04/07/2013 783 0 545,26 KB

Physical Inventory Module

The Physical Inventory Count Module for NAV allows inventory managers to easily manage… By Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions
04/07/2013 802 0 293,26 KB

Time Collection Module

The DMS Time Collection Module (TCM) for NAV (Classic client and RTC) is a comprehensive,… By Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions
04/07/2013 706 0 937,1 KB

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

To-Increase Industrial Equipment Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables companies… By To-Increase b.v.
30/01/2012 655 0 453,77 KB

Pivotier Express Plus

Pivotier Express Plus delivers pre-defined report content using both Pivotier BIZ and… By Centerline Software, Inc.
29/01/2012 565 0 287,36 KB

Pivotier Suite

Pivotier provides a complete suite of reporting tools and productivity aids which are… By Centerline Software, Inc.
29/01/2012 575 0 242,25 KB

Mobile WMS for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV

Mobile WMS for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV enables warehouse employees… By Tasklet Factory ApS
17/09/2018 841 0 1,73 MB

ExpandIT Mobile Service Management

The new release of ExpandIT Service Management for Epicor iScala, Dynamics AX/Axapta and… By ExpandIT
11/01/2012 874 0 436,32 KB

unitop mobile for iPad

With the help of the unitop mobile iPad app you can consult and edit role-based data of… By GOB Software & Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
20/12/2011 623 0 1,56 MB

ExpandIT Database Tester

Microsoft Dynamics NAV uses its database extensively. This puts a lot of stress on the… By ExpandIT
15/12/2011 829 0 63,11 KB

Drag and Drop

The Success Continues! Drag and Drop for Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC is a horizontal solution… By Icecon AB
15/09/2012 954 0 131,2 KB

ExpandIT Mobile Sales version 3-NAV

Central or local planning of customer visits with Bing-map support and integration to… By ExpandIT
28/08/2011 867 0 556,58 KB

Visual Production Scheduler

The Visual Production Scheduler (VPS) is an add-in that fully integrates into the… By NETRONIC Software GmbH
04/12/2017 895 0 589,84 KB

Electronic invoicing saves UK hygiene technology leader over £30,000

Established in 1982, Holchem Laboratories Ltd provides cleaning detergents, disinfectants… By Equisys plc
09/07/2011 613 0 54,68 KB

Leading picture frame supplier saves €25,000 per year with Zetadocs

Represented in 17 countries around the world, Larson Juhl is the largest supplier of… By Equisys plc
09/07/2011 611 0 834,06 KB

ExpandIT Mobile Time

ExpandIT Mobile Time is designed for consultants, team workers and project managers who… By ExpandIT
08/06/2011 807 0 266,74 KB

Shop Floor Planning & Execution for Dynamics NAV

NAVEKSA's Shop Floor Planning System is an effective planning system with interactive… By Naveksa
05/08/2013 916 0 676,44 KB

MobileNav by LeBit

mobileNAV is the everywhere-Dynamics! The second IT-revolution is in progress. We work… By LeBit Software & Consult GmbH
11/05/2011 633 0 1,84 MB

NAV|Lite - Web Client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009x

MindQuad Solutions Private Limited, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner based in Ahmedabad,… By MindQuad Solutions Private Limited
16/04/2011 864 0 1,24 MB

Unitop mobile iPhone App

The untiop mobile app allows you to read your data from your ERP solution Microsoft… By GOB Software & Systeme GmbH & Co. KG
29/03/2011 671 0 1,79 MB

NAV|Lite - A web client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009x

NAV|Lite - A Light Web Client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 and later MindQuad… By MindQuad Solutions Private Limited
14/03/2011 945 0 1,29 MB

ExpandIT Warehouse Management

ExpandIT Warehouse Management for AX/Axapta and NAV/Navision combines the benefits of… By ExpandIT
14/03/2011 836 0 520,93 KB

NAV Anywhere

Mobile Solution, completely built INSIDE NAV By Dynamics Anywhere
04/02/2011 884 0 302,9 KB


Selling online remains a booming business. Our webshop add-on is not just an online shop,… By IDYN bv
03/02/2011 874 0 2,97 MB


ConnectIT is a user friendly and flexible application that covers all your requirements… By IDYN bv
03/02/2011 820 0 2,92 MB

Object Manager Advanced

The Object Manager - an award winning and outstanding development platform for developers… By IDYN bv
03/02/2011 910 1 2,94 MB

ExpandIT MailIT

Rich email & fax sent through SMTP or Outlook/Notes/... 1 hour install over the internet… By ExpandIT
18/01/2011 923 0 138,71 KB

ExpandIT Launch Utility

The primary tool to schedule NAV/Navision jobs using Windows Scheduled Tasks, CA Unicenter… By ExpandIT
18/01/2011 878 0 84,88 KB

ExpandIT Backup Utility

ExpandIT Backup Utility Enterprise is a must for every NAV/Navision site because it checks… By ExpandIT
14/07/2014 981 0 1,23 MB

Reduce customization with agilesWorkflow

You have unique processes and these can change as your business and industry evolves. Most… By agiles Informationssysteme GmbH
20/12/2010 743 0 264,32 KB

agilesWorkflow - A better implementation

Help your employees through the implementation process and reduce overall training costs by… By agiles Informationssysteme GmbH
10/12/2010 823 0 240,91 KB

Metal Production Industry

Vertical allround solution for metal foundries, metalworking companies and fabricated… By ERP PRO
03/11/2010 678 0 548,61 KB

Average Stock Calculator

SimCrest Average Stock Calculator is an easy-to-use add-on enabling you to maintain… By SimCrest, Inc
11/11/2010 780 0 375,03 KB

Recurring Invoicing for Dynamics NAV

SimCrest Recurring Invoicing automatically generates invoice to customers on a regular… By SimCrest, Inc
02/11/2010 752 0 150,41 KB

Tradoria Onlineshop interface

The Tradoria Onlineshop interface helps you to optimize your sales order process.… By DMS-SYSTEMHAUS GmbH
10/09/2010 761 0 20,56 KB

Amazon-Marketplace interface

The Amazon-Marketplace interface helps you to optimize your sales order process. Import… By DMS-SYSTEMHAUS GmbH
10/09/2010 916 0 20,61 KB

UST-Check (VAT Reg. No. Check)

Qualified verification of VAT ID on intra-community supply of goods To fulfil the german… By DMS-SYSTEMHAUS GmbH
10/09/2010 789 0 85,42 KB

Handyman Mobile Field Service

ePocket Handyman Mobile field service solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics… By ePocket Solutions
20/08/2010 689 0 327,79 KB

Serenic Navigator

Serenic Navigator offers the best combination of advanced technology and fund accounting… By Serenic Software
12/08/2010 571 0 1,11 MB

Dynamics NAV Japanese Version

This is PBC J-Pack for Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1, which is our own localization with Japanese… By Pacific Business Consulting, Inc.
11/08/2010 718 0 3,91 MB


Market-Square is the brand new light and smart e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics… By it suits IT
05/08/2010 534 0 584,95 KB


itSuitsFashion enables you to become the leader within Fashion IT solutions in your local… By it suits IT
28/07/2010 599 0 155,98 KB

SD Haulage

SD Haulage - Dynamics NAV add-on for Haulage Billing & Costs control. SD Haulage allows… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
21/06/2010 861 0 287,16 KB

RealTime Advanced Scheduler

"Please visit us at Decisions FALL 2010" RealTime Advanced Scheduler extends the… By RealTime IT Services LLC
13/06/2010 863 0 0 B

SD Micropay Link

SD Micropay Link add-on - get your payroll data into your Dynamics NAV General Ledger in 2… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
27/05/2010 918 0 526,45 KB

SD Payback Link

SD Payback Link add-on - get your payroll data into your Dynamics NAV General Ledger in 2… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
27/05/2010 893 0 519,02 KB

SD Help Desk

SD Help Desk built in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive service management… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
12/05/2010 949 0 247,61 KB

Dynamics NAV Chinese Version

This is the Chinese version of Dynamics NAV. It is equipped with all necessary legal… By Pacific Business Consulting, Inc.
20/04/2010 631 0 1,73 MB

SD Cycle Count

SD Cycle Count allows the end user manage rotational stock checks. This addon allows… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
15/04/2010 963 0 275,19 KB

SD Security

SD Security is designed to make User Security management in Dynamics NAV considerably… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
22/03/2010 918 0 237,74 KB

MS Dynamics NAV - MS Dynamics CRM Integration

RapidiOnline's MS Dynamics NAV - MS Dynamics CRM Integration solution is a hosted,… By Rapidi ApS (formerly Data Backbone Software A/S)
05/03/2010 861 0 201,85 KB

Nav-to-Net: Ultimate E-Commerce for NAV

Finding a one-size-fits-all e-Commerce solution is tough. There are so many factors to… By Digital Vantage Point Inc.
23/09/2017 1584 0 1,44 MB

Qiwi Mobile

Qiwi Mobile is a mobile application allowing business professionals to access and update… By SimCrest, Inc
07/12/2009 814 0 301,66 KB

SimCrest Route Planner

Fully-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SimCrest Route Planner is a smart and… By SimCrest, Inc
07/12/2009 809 0 434,49 KB

Scribe Insight

Scribe Software provides cost-effective, no-coding data integration solutions that can be… By Scribe Software
25/11/2009 731 0 565,02 KB

XML Label Printing for Dynamics NAV

"Please visit us at Decisions FALL 2010" The label printing tool utilizes Zebra XML… By RealTime IT Services LLC
19/10/2009 1204 0 454,3 KB

Navutilus Permissions v1.02

Provides database security management with simple, low-cost and transparent control over… By Sigma.Group Ltd.
18/11/2009 763 0 205,98 KB

NavRepository v.2.0

NavRepository is a powerful simple-to-use repository tool for MS Dynamics NAV.… By NavUtils.com
01/10/2009 693 0 171,26 KB

Navutilus Deploy

Save time & money with Navutilus implementation methodology. Navutilus Deploy is very… By Sigma.Group Ltd.
29/09/2009 693 0 46,48 KB

Navutilus Dataport Make

Fast & handy tool for export/import Navision tables' data Save time & money with… By Sigma.Group Ltd.
26/09/2009 748 0 63,66 KB

Navutilus Object Move

"Move" the Navision objects within license diapason via changing their IDs - with relevant… By Sigma.Group Ltd.
23/09/2009 707 0 80,76 KB

Navutilus Object Squeeze v1.02

Optimize (Squeeze) Navision objects. Make them impenetrable & small. Protect source… By Sigma.Group Ltd.
18/09/2009 764 0 57,25 KB


"Please visit us at Decisions FALL 2010" BevERP system has been developed with focus… By RealTime IT Services LLC
01/09/2009 886 0 384,97 KB

Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning is the must have tool for modern ERP system. Some groups even… By RealTime IT Services LLC
28/08/2009 932 0 649,17 KB

Navutilus Data Transfer

Transfer data of the chosen tables from(to) one company to(from) another(s) within Navision… By Sigma.Group Ltd.
07/12/2009 701 0 105,2 KB

Navutilis Search & Replace Pro v1.03

Search any text, date or numeric values within Navision database (in any company).… By Sigma.Group Ltd.
25/11/2009 677 0 228,48 KB

Locking Management Solution

"Please visit us at Decisions FALL 2010" We have tested Locking Management Solution in… By RealTime IT Services LLC
15/08/2009 1459 0 317,93 KB

Technical demonstration of the Replicator

This webinar is about the Replicator - integration of multiple or distributed MS Dynamics… By Rapidi ApS (formerly Data Backbone Software A/S)
13/07/2009 828 0 500,2 KB

Replicator Webinar

This webinar is about the Replicator - integration of multiple or distributed MS Dynamics… By Rapidi ApS (formerly Data Backbone Software A/S)
13/07/2009 825 0 874,05 KB


Print-/Fax-/Mail-Module provides different output types for NAV reports. Features: -… By DMS-SYSTEMHAUS GmbH
07/07/2009 930 0 169,41 KB


Soft4Leasing is business software for automotive, equipment, real estate and other kinds of… By Softera Baltic UAB
21/02/2014 1021 0 201,8 KB

User Session Control

Auto logs off idle Microsoft Dynamics NAV users and limits user logins per User ID. . No… By Dynamics NAV Addons
25/06/2009 1187 0 723,2 KB

UPS / FedEx / USPS Shipping Connector

Seamlessly integrate Dynamics NAV with your UPS World Ship, FedEx Ship Manager, or USPS… By Dynamics NAV Addons
07/12/2017 1034 0 915,5 KB

PrintSend Utility

Automatically create E-mails with PDF attachments and send documents automatically by… By Dynamics NAV Addons
25/06/2009 979 0 498,26 KB

Merge Utility

Merge Customers, Items, Vendors and Dimension Values. Take two separate Customers,… By Dynamics NAV Addons
25/06/2009 832 0 730,71 KB

Jet Reports Launcher

Launch any Jet Report automatically from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV with one easy… By Dynamics NAV Addons
25/06/2009 1017 0 811,29 KB

Excel Journal Import

Import any Excel worksheet into any NAV journal with just a click of a button (with… By Dynamics NAV Addons
07/12/2017 1066 0 345,17 KB

Document Find

Quickly find all Documents related to an Internal or External Document Number. . Find… By Dynamics NAV Addons
14/06/2009 886 0 731,7 KB

Dimension Management

Add, modify, or delete any dimension on any posted document or transaction - with audit… By Dynamics NAV Addons
07/12/2017 1058 0 562,65 KB

CRM Dashboard

Get a 360 degree view of customers and prospects all from one screen. . Increase Sales… By Dynamics NAV Addons
14/06/2009 938 0 834,46 KB

ADP Payroll Import

An automated import to bring ADP General Ledger information directly into a Microsoft… By Dynamics NAV Addons
14/06/2009 982 1 740,93 KB


B2B Tendering Module helps organizations to capture the details about new tenders, prepare… By B2B Software Technologies Ltd
05/06/2009 831 0 387,82 KB


B2B Tower Manufacturing Vertical for Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you Define typical… By B2B Software Technologies Ltd
05/06/2009 831 0 235,41 KB


B2B MSPT for Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help keep your customer accounts up to date,… By B2B Software Technologies Ltd
05/06/2009 805 0 180,21 KB

Cuero Dynamix

Cuero Dynamix a solution developed for the leather Industry enables companies to cut cost,… By Firstware Software Solutions
11/05/2009 641 0 2,17 MB

Firstware Software Solutions HR & Payroll Add-on

The HR and Payroll Add-on is capable of handling information pertaining to Personnel,… By Firstware Software Solutions
11/05/2009 701 0 109,74 KB

Campus Dynamix

Campus Dynamix is a complete end-to-end management software for an Education Institution.… By Firstware Software Solutions
11/05/2009 669 0 314,14 KB

agiles Partner Solution Case Study

agiles has had great success in "going international" with agilesWorkflow - the workflow… By agiles Informationssysteme GmbH
09/03/2009 810 0 2,16 MB

SD Reminders

Automate your procees to create reminders and follow-up in Dynamics Nav. Easily synch these… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
09/02/2009 1016 0 170,15 KB

Perform-Tracking for Dynamics NAV

SQL Perform Limited is proud to offer a new product called Perform-Tracking for Dynamics… By SQL Perform Limited
23/01/2009 656 0 288,98 KB

Time & Billing

Gain the benefits of Navision you've been recommending to your clients for yourself with…
09/01/2009 991 0 562,82 KB

LS Retail for Fashion

K3 Landsteinar offers an integrated retail solution within Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly… By K3 Business Solutions B.V.
27/11/2008 859 0 481,97 KB

Rema1000 Case Story

Data Integration Solution Allows for Successful Ongoing Data Transfer Between Retail… By Rapidi ApS (formerly Data Backbone Software A/S)
15/11/2008 819 0 1,15 MB

Interactive Item & BOM Availability system for Dynamics NAV

NAVEKSA's Interactive Item & BOM Availability system system enables an intuitive and… By Naveksa
05/08/2013 907 0 690,49 KB

SD Bulk Mailer

SD Bulk Mailer for Microsoft Dynamics NAV | Dynamics 365 enables automated and scheduled… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
23/03/2018 1237 0 479,65 KB

Nemo, Nav Executive Management Overview

Nav Executive Management Overview Nemo is a unique solution from Maritech that empowers… By Wise
08/10/2008 830 0 1,61 MB

SD Credit Controller

Simplify and Optimize Your Credit Control: SD Credit Controller is an enhanced NAV… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
04/02/2013 1147 0 435,34 KB

Financial Analyzers for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The Financial Analyzers from Relay Consulting allows any company an easy and effective way… By Relay Consulting, LLC
26/09/2008 814 0 317,8 KB

Capacity Planning System for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The Capacity Planning System (CPS) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) from Relay… By Relay Consulting, LLC
03/09/2008 999 0 323,68 KB

AR Collection System for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The Collection System for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) from Relay Consulting offers… By Relay Consulting, LLC
03/09/2008 782 0 237,88 KB

Commission System for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Whether your business has 1 or 500 people (or vendors) getting commissions, whether you pay… By Relay Consulting, LLC
03/09/2008 841 0 180,16 KB

Item Schedule / History with Material Availability for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If you are a typical user of Dynamics NAV (Navision), I am sure you have often asked, "How… By Relay Consulting, LLC
03/09/2008 783 0 326,95 KB

SD Surveyor

SD Surveyor is a small addon to Nav to allow users/clients output their current licence… By Simply Dynamics Ltd
01/09/2008 989 0 128,93 KB

ScanDirect Plus

What the "ScanDirect Plus" Module Offers Your Client .Links external files, documents and… By InfiniTek Corporation
04/08/2008 828 0 11,01 KB

KwikTag Document Imaging for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

KwikTag is a fast and simple way to manage paper electronically with its full integration… By ImageTag, Inc.
16/06/2008 766 0 1,35 MB

B2B Quality Control Addon

Quality Control Add On is developed for Microsoft Navision Version 3.7 / 4.0 - an… By B2B Software Technologies Ltd
27/05/2008 1020 0 152,26 KB

B2B Plant Maintanance Addon

The Plant Maintenance Add-On (PMA) addresses various requirements of engineering and… By B2B Software Technologies Ltd
27/05/2008 1035 0 122,17 KB


B2B LIFT is a complete business solution built on Microsoft Dynamics Nav & on Microsoft… By B2B Software Technologies Ltd
26/05/2008 885 0 103,18 KB

BS TMS for NAV - Transport Management System

Transport Management System (TMS) vertical solution, fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics… By Business Solutions
20/05/2008 1015 0 383,46 KB

BS GASTONE for NAV - Gas, Water, Electricity, Cable TV, Telephony Supply Managem

BS GASTONE for NAV is an addo-on solution for managing Gas Supply, Water Supply,… By Business Solutions
20/05/2008 691 0 696,73 KB

Celenia CRM Connector

Full integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX | NAV Celenia CRM… By Celenia Software a/s
17/04/2008 910 0 1,02 MB


BSS.tire is the leading ERP solution for the tire aftermarket dealership By BSS
16/04/2008 767 0 996,87 KB

Zetadocs for NAV

Zetadocs for NAV provides electronic invoicing, collections management and purchase order… By Equisys plc
11/11/2010 948 0 603,87 KB

agilesWorkflow in NAV2009 Factsheet

agilesWorkflow is the workflow solution Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It extends… By agiles Informationssysteme GmbH
11/04/2010 1002 0 1,89 MB

BI4Dynamics - Standardized Business Intelligence Solutions for Microsoft Dynamic

BI4Dynamics NAV is a complete modern Business Intelligence solution for Microsoft Dynamics… By NPS d.o.o.
16/01/2008 684 0 5,1 MB

EVASION for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Truly integrated document management for impressive productivity gains! Integrated… By EVASION
14/01/2008 735 0 438,16 KB

Pilot Project for BI4Dynamics NAV - Standardized Business Intelligence Solution

In order to make our BI4Dynamics prospects more comfortable during their Business… By NPS d.o.o.
09/01/2008 714 0 580,21 KB

Online Training - NAV 4.0 - Development

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development course is designed to provide you with the knowledge… By SpeedTeach a/s
14/12/2007 1043 0 123,57 KB

Online Training - NAV 4.0 - Complete Application

The MS Dynamics NAV Complete Application course is aimed at gaining theoretical and… By SpeedTeach a/s
14/12/2007 1065 0 176,02 KB

Whitepaper Navision - Salesforce.com integration

A whitepaper describing the technical details and the business benefits of the salesforce -… By Rapidi ApS (formerly Data Backbone Software A/S)
23/11/2007 490 0 2,58 MB

Celenia Enhanced Budget Control

- Celenia EBC module is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Automatic… By Celenia Software a/s
29/10/2007 771 0 1,4 MB

OctoCon MultiLanguage Tool Web service

OctoCon's MultiLanguage Tool assists Microsoft Partners in the update process by making… By OctoCon AG
11/10/2007 821 0 381,99 KB

OctoCon AG Data Migration Tool Web service

Migrating data from several Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV versions requires extraordinary… By OctoCon AG
11/10/2007 757 0 900,27 KB


Create dynamic Word documents with your Navision data, export financial data to Excel,… By dVision Holding B.V.
23/08/2007 827 0 855,58 KB

NAV SQL Procedure Management

Improve performance on the SQL Server option by easily creating, using and managing T-SQL… By PLP Consult
25/07/2007 869 0 217,53 KB

Tectura Project for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Tectura Project works with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to totally integrate all business… By Tectura (UK) Ltd
25/07/2007 880 0 541,47 KB

Tectura Workflow

Tectura Workflow is an add-on module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV that automates business… By Tectura (UK) Ltd
24/07/2007 879 0 40,62 KB

IT IS activigence web extensions

With IT IS activigence web extensions you get a free configurable web interface out of… By IT IS AG
04/07/2007 974 0 1,71 MB

Electronic documents with ebComposer UBL

ebComposer UBL is a software library for creating and parsing UBL 2.0 documents in the… By Unimaze Software
16/05/2007 949 0 1,6 MB

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Source Protection

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Source Protection add-on: reliable protection of your Microsoft… By BrightConsult
14/12/2009 2485 0 266,22 KB

The Asset Guardian (CMMS/EAMS)

The Asset Guardian is the perfect solution for companies with assets that require scheduled… By Global Distribution Systems America, Inc.
26/03/2007 965 0 73,98 KB