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The Warehouse Mobile Data Module (WMDM) provides warehouse employees with full access to NAV warehouse data and capabilities through both barcode and manual interfaces. The WMDM is built with the latest Windows Mobile and .Net technology to help ensure a usable and user-friendly data management interface on the mobile device.

The Warehouse Mobile Data Module provides access to most NAV warehouse functions:
  • Inventory Inquiry: users scan (or enter) the item number to retrieve inventory information for it, including bins, quantities, serial numbers, etc.
  • Warehouse picks: users scan (or enter) the bin and item for the "take" action, and the WMDM will optionally "auto-place" the item. Warehouse put-aways: put-aways can be automatically created for an item or PO by scanning or entering the item number and/or purchase order number.
  • Warehouse moves: tracks both the take and place for warehouse movements.
  • Warehouse shipments: allows entering or scanning of items for warehouse shipments, including serialized items (even if warehouse item tracking is not used). The pick application can optionally "pick for shipment", which allows users to pick items directly to a warehouse shipment.
  • Warehouse receipts: can auto-create warehouse receipts on entry or scanning of purchase order number, or can receive to an existing receipt.
  • Non-warehouse shipping and receiving: supports shipping and receiving to non-warehouse locations. Very useful for companies with a central warehouse and branch locations that do not use the full NAV warehouse functionality.
  • Consumption: allows users to scan items to their own consumption journal for specific production orders and serial numbers, capturing any lot or serial number information for the consumed item.
  • Inventory Count: optionally integrates with the DMS Inventory Count Module to streamline inventory counting.
  • Offline processing: provides the ability to log all activities offline and synchronize with NAV at a later time. Useful for scanning in yards and remote locations where no wireless connectivity exists

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