Dynamics NAV

Metal Production Industry

Dynamics NAV
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Vertical allround solution for metal foundries, metalworking companies and fabricated metals industry

Key features:
o Purchased material certification:
- Metal analysis
- Sand analysis
o Dynamic production
- Mould making
- Melting
- Pouring
- ShakeOut
- Degating
- Finishing
- Packing
o Laboratory analysis
- Chemical tests
- Mechanical tests
- Internal and outsource analysis registration
o Supervising module:
- Production process control
- Laboratory control
- Sales control
- E-mail and SMS notifications
o Full Tracking (Materials, lots, vendors, human resources, work centers)
o Certification
o Costing (Main product and byproduct costing calculation)
o Planning module
- Sales order planning
- Purchase order planning
- Production order planning
- Production planning based on defined week capacities
- Inventory integration and replenishment forecast
o Integration with CNC machines
o Service module
- Technical support of manufacturing facilities
- Material usage on facility repair job
- Service jobs planning
o Discrepancy management:
- Reclamations
- Defect and scrap control
- Quality control
o Human resource and manufacturing facilities analysis
o Production-to-Order possibility with customer defined requirements ( mechanical requirements, certificates, additional processing)
o Technical documentation linking (Drawings, 3D models, PDF, Excel, etc)
o Transport planning module
- Transport ordering based on expected theoretical weight and volume
- Shipment and delivery planning

Future planned functionality:
- B2B web portal (Order tracking system for customers)
- Integration with metal exchange
- Optimal raw material usage in the melting process, based on metal type and actual inventory versus required alloy chemical composition

Localisation info

Currently available in English and Latvian. Can be localized in other languages.
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