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IT IS control 2011 (NAS optimization)

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This tool greatly enhances the handling and functionality of the Navision Application Server (NAS). Now you can use just a few NAS to manage several "companies" in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You get there with the help of IT IS control 2011. This approach reduces licensing costs and improves stability, manageability, and performance of the overall application. The single point of failure can be eliminated.

Many customers encounter the situation where they would like to have one NAS serving multiple companies. In particular, when portal solutions or other communication scenarios shall have access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), the ordinary approach requires one NAS for every company or database, so you needed to obtain a license for each dedicated NAS.

Also the NAS often stopped running, not necessarily because of this piece of software itself, but often due to an implementation of NAV business logic that "forgot" to manage the situation of message boxes correctly. Simply put, the NAS cannot answer "yes" or "no", because of his automation controller nature. Hence he is waiting forever, and is unable to resolve further messages. With the IT IS control, the NAS is gracefully restarted, and will operate again.

Also, load balancing is a great benefit from the usage of IT IS control. If configured appropriate, the pool of NAS will act almost simultaneously, channeling much more information in and out.

A new approach is there as IT IS control now can make the NAS run every code unit at a time scheduled beforehand. With this concept, it is easily possible to make batch processing of postings, reports, and other jobs.

Last not least, IT IS control has now an enhanced secure communication built in, where information, that is sent between back end and front end will be digitally encrypted with a 1024 bit public private key (PKI) data exchange method. This gives peace of mind for you and avoids the need for setting up virtual private networks.

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