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Be it sports or business, you only score big if your team plays in tune together. Information and communication must be in harmony with each other. Be it sport or business, that's how you play the ball perfectly back and forth, and finally score.

In business, transparent communication lets you and your team score better when using your business processes. The quotes and orders are managed with the accounting software. Office documents for business correspondences and data calculations are adding towards the full picture Information now produces results that count.

Finally find everything.
Finally you have the view of the transactions, without searching around and do complex queries. That's how it should work!
Information from various programs come together to be managed in one dedicated location. A location that is more than just a place, it is a share point where all information is easily found.

For example: Sales works at a fast pace so they always need information rapidly to fully prepare for customers visits. The "customer site" contains all documents, information and sales figures in addition to links to the customer's websites.

The marketing people always want to be informed about recent sales meetings so they are filled in with knowledge to plan and direct their efforts. Customer visit reports can create success stories and joining planning calendars and contact segments from Dynamics gives insight for campaigns. Even business partners such as customers and vendors can access certain information. That way they are all in the team!