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SD EDI Manager for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows users the flexibility to set-up unlimited trading partners, unlimited Peers or VANS (Value Added Networks) including direct messages or point to point.  You can then create message formats for each in CSV, XML, TRADACOMS or EDIFACT formats. All this in a simple easy to use interface embedded in your Dynamics NAV user Role Centre.  

some Key Features

  • Automated EDI Inbound and Outbound message exchange.
  • Handle TRADACOMS, EDIFACT, XML or CSV file formats.
  • Deploy multiple VANs or EDI Managed Service Partners.
  • Support peer to peer or direct EDI message exchange with your trading partner.
  • Configure your message handling, mappings and translations without the need to change code.
  • Robust error handling.
  • Comprehensive message history.
  • Simple, easy to use interface embedded in your Dynamics NAV user role centre.

Use Case Options

  • Customers:       Inbound Sales Orders, Outbound Shipments (ASN’s), Sales Invoices or Credits, Outbound Product Catalogues.
  • Suppliers:         Outbound Purchase Orders, Inbound Invoices, Inbound Product Catalogue.
  • Intercompany: Transfer and interchange data without the need for Dynamics NAV in all companies or the need for Extended Pack in any of the Dynamics NAV group sites.

EDI Managed Service Providers (VANS)

We have extensive knowledge and experience in EDI built up from years of working with a large pool of Dynamics NAV clients using versions 5.0 or later.  As a result we have a message library of message formats from TRADACOMS, EDIFACT and Single File Formats (XML and CSV) with a wide range of trading partners operational with most of the leading EDI Managed Service Providers.

Celtrino (Celtrino Website)
OpenText (OpenText Website) – formerly GXS
True Commerce (True Commerce Website) – formerly Atlas

SD EDI Manager Video:

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