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Item Schedule / History with Material Availability for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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If you are a typical user of Dynamics NAV (Navision), I am sure you have often asked, "How can I see the schedule for.", and not know how to get it out of Navision. Or perhaps you have said, "I want to see the history for.", and struggled with what's the best way to see it in Navision. Well, now those problems are solved with the Item Schedule/History toolset from Relay!!

With the addition of Material Available users will be able to determine if they have enough material to produce any upper level item or production order. Material availability gives user the ability to check the status of the raw materials required from four different areas (Item Card, Sales Order Card, Production Order Card, and of course Item Schedule.) The user can quickly see which materials they are short by the color coded status column, as well as how much material they are short by the quantity available column. This screen also shows the user incoming receipts by date, so you know exactly how much, and when the material will arrive.