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Dynamics NAV
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mobileNAV is the everywhere-Dynamics!

The second IT-revolution is in progress. We work wherever we are, with whatever we want. Now, there are not the data mobile, but the whole business processes. By using mobileNAV Microsoft Dynamics NAV is always available and you are permanently involved into the company process. Don't look for warehouse solutions,mobile-CRM or replicators any longer. Simply work with mobileNAV, the everywhere-Dynamics. In the familiar environment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV you define, which business process of the company should be mobile available. The server component of mobileNAV publishes them by using an easy to design presentation layer in your own layout. For example, mobile devices, lift trucks terminals, manufacturing computers, mobile phones or handhelds can use the data. Thereby, it is irrelevant, that the device is based on Windows Mobile, Windows CE, iPhone or Android. Due to the on-offline-linkage you are always independent of the network availability.

That is why you can react immediately in the warehouse, when the distribution changes its priorities. The shipping agent nevertheless knows at the loading bay what the warehouse will bring at once. The orders and recording for manufacturing gets into areas, where computers have no place. The maintenance technicians always take with them the technical knowledge about the company. The indoor service knows everything about sales meetings, because of via mobile phone typed notes. When figures are requested during a business trip, you can trust on their up-to-datedness'. MobileNAV is the everywhere- Dynamics!

Technologie State of the Art
. Server applications are totally integrated into the world of Microsoft Server
. Supports Dynamics NAV fom Version 3.7
. Communication of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and mobileNAV through WebServices
  or SQL Server
. Online-, offline and parallel operation
. High data security by using current encryption technologies
. Fast application by using preconfigured templates for this branch
. Easy adjustment of business processes by using graphic modeling tools
. Support of recording technologies like Barcode,RFID, Card Reader
. Support of WLAN; UMTS , GPRS
. Support of mobile printers
. Support of cameras and microphone

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