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Automatically create E-mails with PDF attachments and send documents automatically by fax.

. Save Money and Paper by Electronically Sending Documents
. Send Documents Securely With a Professional Look by Using the PDF File Format
. Cater to Your Customers By Delivering Documents by Their Preferred Method
. Improve Your Efficiency by Creating, Attaching and Sending With Just One Click

By using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV PrintSend Utility you can do several things:

. Specify a customer's preferred delivery method - E-mail, Fax or Hard Copy (printed out).
. Take any document and either fax or e-mail it to a recipient. E-mails will be created with the document as an attached PDF, which looks exactly like the printed report. Faxes will be sent to the fax number automatically.
. Batch periodic printing, for example monthly Customer Statements, overdue Reminders or daily Invoices, can be run and the faxes, e-mails and hard copies automatically generated based on the preference.
. Template e-mails can be created which include Dynamics NAV info such as the document numbers, order totals, customer information, etc.

Use the Microsoft Dynamics PrintSend Utility to streamline your processes, save time and resources, and provide a better customer experience today!

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