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Nav Executive Management Overview
Nemo is a unique solution from Maritech that empowers all levels of your organization to meet and exceed perfomance targets through aligning day to day business activities with corporate goals and objectives. This is achieved by presenting Key Business Indicators along with management information in a simplified and standard format. Nemo provides management with the tools for quick, decisive and accurate decision making that is crucial for success in today's business environment. NEMO is a Microsoft certified busness solution and available worldwide.

NEMO offers the following benefits
Unlocks the power of information scattered throughout the Nav system with analysis of creditors, customers and inventory all accessible in a single view.
Turnover rate of inventory, sales history and credit history of customers.
Which products are your customers buying? How efficient are your vendors when time and cost are critical factors?
ABC (Activity Based Costing) analysis of inventory, customers, and creditors.
Real sales made by sales representatives, with detailed analysis of costs.
Analyse success rates/performance of sales representatives, products, vendors, and company divisions.
Reports sent to managers at preset times/dates/intervals.
Graphical support of publishing and reporting services.
Report publishing of key numbers in NAV.
Accessible via Internet - wherever and whenever.

NEMO - Solution for everyone
NEMO collects data from various areas of Dynamics NAV; including finance, customer and inventory records. It presents information in one location - providing a clear and instant picture of business operations. The NEMO system is easy to set up and operate on the standard base platform provided by Dynamics NAV. The software uses newly developed functionality for rapidly collecting and calculating vital data such as cost ratios - allowing you to view a true gross profit margin of product sales in real time.

Pricing info

The pricing of NEMO is very simple, one price, as many users as you like in Dynamics NAV. Aprox $8.500 listprice of NEMO.

Localisation info

Nemo is available in English, Norwegian, Sweedish, French, Dutch and Icelandic.
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