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Dynamics AX
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The Materials Management and the corporate requirements strategies are integrated in terms of multiple work units to generate Synergy / Demand aggregation / Elimination of duplicates / Implementation of Standardization & variety reduction plans/ Inventory Optimization / Linkage of spares to equipment and interchangeability details.

Structuring the material description based on Noun / Modifier and templates that result in standard structured description of items thereby avoiding duplication, is a specialized area.

The main functions of eNomcat are as follows.

. Noun Modifier Format - Characteristic based cataloguing concept of eNomcat, enhances a structured and a simplified cataloguing system. eNomcat catalogue synchronizes the noun modifier based cataloguing system with existing user defined numbering system, if any. This will accommodate more items in case of future additions.
. Improvised classification method - Items classified as noun, modifiers and characteristic values enable for easy, by knowing any one of its values and drilling down
. The software provides relation-links between parent equipment and its spares to enable the user in identifying the spares for given equipment, which in turn helps spare parts availability for maintenance planning, stock reservation, etc.

. Establishes interchangeability of spares across few equipment and reduces inventory
. Facility to drill down till Bill of Material
. Powerful search engine to search for codes based on one or more criteria like Noun Modifier, Noun Modifier 1 and Modifier 2 etc.
. Sample values for all characteristics to avoid duplicate entry.
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