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Dynamics AX
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KwikTag is a fast and simple way to manage paper electronically with its support for Microsoft Dynamics AX. KwikTag automatically links paper and electronic documents to AX transactions upon scanning, making them easy to file and find. KwikTag supports existing work processes and scanning operations and enables you to manage paper digitally, within a department or across an entire organization. Its process and capture method is so unique that these innovations are protected by six US patents, as well as numerous foreign patents.

KwikTag software is so revolutionary, Microsoft selected ImageTag as a one of two finalists for the 2008 ISV/Software Solutions, Innovation Partner of the Year.

Use KwikTag to:

- Increase efficiency by automatically linking paper and electronic documents to vendor and customer cards, records or accounting transactions

-Streamline internal invoice processing and eliminate lost or misfiled documents by maintaining all A/P documents electronically

- Enhance customer service by decreasing response time with desktop-access to vendor and customer records

- Improve compliance requirements by quickly and easily providing supporting documentation to auditors

- Easily share documents with other users, departments and locations, or limit access to documents.

- Provide a disaster recovery mechanism to your organization by keeping documents secure and backed up with its other digital files.

View a KwikTag demo at www.imagetag.com.