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Dataports were used in versions before NAV 2009 R2 to import or export data. But beginning with Dynamics NAV 2013, Dataports have been replaced with XMLports, a different object type. Dataports no longer exist. When doing NAV Upgrades – any Dataports that are used need to be rewritten as XMLports.

Upgrading Dataports can be quite a difficult and challenging task as its structure has changed completely. All the experience and knowledge that you have in developing Dataports might be not so useful working with RTC equivalent – XMLports. Though both Dataports and XMLports are used for the same purpose – import and export data to and from NAV – Dataports are only able to perform this task with external text files. XMLports, however, have a new feature – they can deal not only with external text files, but also with XML format files.
Upgrading Dataports to XMLports can be a time-consuming and challenging task for developers – luckily, there is a SOLUTION to avoid human mistakes and save time.

Dynamics NAV Dataport Upgrades can be fully AUTOMATED with Simplanova Dataport Converter, which converts automatically Dynamics NAV Dataport to XMLport!

Why Simplanova Dataport Converter?

  • Automatically transfers all the values of properties and all the dataport triggers code and functions the way it was.
  • Builds new nodes dataset which is based on Dataport dataset: all tables, fields and captions are added to XMLport nodes structure.
  • No external software needed. Dataport Converter main working environment is in one NAV page

Simplanova Dataport Converter features:

  • The converter converts automatically Dynamics NAV Dataport to XMLport.
  • User interface to access Simplanova Dataport Converter features from NAV plugin.
  • Builds new nodes dataset which is based on Dataport dataset: all tables, fields and captions are added to XMLport nodes structure.
  • Transfers all the dataport triggers code and functions the way it was. If a certain trigger is obsolete, but it has code in Dataport – code is moved to a XMLport’s trigger which has the same purpose as obsolete Dataport trigger. Since XMLport structural design is quite different from Dataport – code is redesigned to work with it if needed.
  • Transfers all the values of properties (e.g. Import property value moved to Direction property, DataItemTableView to SourceTableView, DataItemLinkReference toLinkTable, DataItemLink to LinkFields and so on.)
  • The newly built XMLport is compatible with all versions from Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 to Dynamics NAV 2017.

In Mibuso You can download Simplanova Dataport COnverter Playground version, where You will be able to see the Converter environment.

If You want to get Simplanova Tools DEMO license with 5 points, contact Simplanova sales team – or request demo version here –

Simplanova Tools 2.05:

Classic Report Converter:


  • Removed empty page headers and footers
  • Reduced length of tools generated names
  • Implemented optional creation of report headers and footers
  • Included property for optional visibilities creation
  • Replaced “Green textboxes” pictures expression functionality to simpler one
  • Included button to clear SCC object LOG

Bug fixes:

  • Improved commented CREATETOTALS functions recognition as commented code
  • [support#641] Improved visibility creation
  • [support#640] Improved usage of scope parameter in FooterData1
  • [support#682] Better messages after importing reports and xmlports.
  • Implemented better footer sections code transffering
  • Issue when SRT creates border even if Border = No for a shape control fixed
  • Now report can be converted if NE-Line or Triangle shapes used
  • [support#698] Fixed error on Uploading report, improved commented code managing
  • [support#703] Improved CurrReport.CREATETOTALS placing
  • [support#709] Removed pictures compression
  • [support#706] Added error message if user uses old Simplanova tools version
  • [support#699] Improved footer sections placing order
  • [support#702] Removed unnecessary brackets from function parameters
  • [support#675] Improved code conversion
  • [support#712] Improved request page conversion
  • Fixed importing problem with missing DataSet node
  • Report cannot be converted then Report name contains word "Record" fixed
  • [support#726] Wrong Unique ID in SCC Upload CalcComplexity, problem with unseen CR/LF symbols fixed.


  • Description of Simplanova Report Converter Conversion Logic

Dataport Converter:


  • [support#710] Transferred triggers code put between comments

Report Designer:


  • [support#562] SRD Report List got new “Modified” flag;
  • [support#694] Included sorting options for groups in SRD layout creation;
  • Request Page now editable by default;
  • Reduce latency when opening SRD Globals window;
  • Included ability to modify line width.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed request page indentation error;
  • Fixed SRD reports importing error;
  • Line Top and EndTop properties now by default set to 0,01;


  • License information now shows object ID