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The biggest challenge for developers is to make the Dynamics NAV RDLC reports process quick and easy. Simplanova Report Designer delivers what developers are dreaming about -  Dynamics NAV RDLC report designer – just in one NAV page. Forget Visual Studio!

You will no longer need specialist skills to design reports. Instead, you are able to develop customized RDLC reports quickly and easily with a process that is as simple and intuitive as the original Classic approach.

Why Simplanova Report Designer?

  • Native NAV Report Format (RDLC);
  • No yearly license fees for running the reports;
  • Reports can be simply moved to a solution which has not got SRD installed;
  • No external software needed. SRD main working environment is in one NAV page;
  • Simple and intuitive process as the original Classic approach;
  • Up to 92% time save for RDLC report building;
  • The best workflow features, used from all Dynamics NAV platforms.

Simplanova Report Designer functionality:

  1. Simple NAV report development.
  2. Compatible with NAV 2013 and later versions
  3. Works in the Role-Tailored Client.
  4. Portable (you can use it on any database, transfer both SRD reports and produced reports to other databases).
  5. Produces native NAV reports with RDLC layout.
  6. Multilingual (constants, captions and labels).
  7. Dataset designer (for data model design).
    1. Automatically naming dataset elements.
    2. Data compression (better performance, not to overflowing users' memory, fully customizable).
    3. Automatic conversion of labels to captions and vice-versa (for dynamically changed language).
  8. Layout designer.
    1. Preview add-in (visual representation of a report).
    2. NAV classic report concepts - header, footer, body sections.
    3. Page designer concepts - grid layout (columns or rows), tree-like design.
    4. Simple section building (converting dataset items to sections and textboxes).
    5. Straightforward Report Header and Report Footer building (no VB workarounds).
    6. Section, textbox, picture, line and rectangle element types.
    7. Simple definition of group headers and footers.
    8. Transport headers and transport footers.
    9. Aggregate functions (sum, count, average, running value).
    10. Customizable elements (fonts, sizes, colors, padding, borders).
    11. Dynamic visibility expressions (for hiding sections and textboxes).
    12. Simple element placement using group elements.
    13. Element floating (to left, right or center of parent element).
  9. Request page designer.
  10. C/AL code designer (compatible with all triggers, variable types and custom functions).
  11. Unit of Measure of your choice (centimeters and inches).
  12. NAV report conversion to SRD format.
  13. Advanced features:
    1. VB expressions (for source, visibility, styling).
    2. Top/Left coordinates.
    3. Report Header, Report Footer and Report Body section properties.
  14. Support
  15. User Manual

In Mibuso You can download Simplanova Report Designer Playground Report version, where You will be able to test functionality with already created report.

If You want to get product DEMO license with possibility to create 5 reports, contact Simplanova sales team – or request demo version here -

More information about the product -

Simplanova Tools 2.05:

Classic Report Converter:


  • Removed empty page headers and footers
  • Reduced length of tools generated names
  • Implemented optional creation of report headers and footers
  • Included property for optional visibilities creation
  • Replaced “Green textboxes” pictures expression functionality to simpler one
  • Included button to clear SCC object LOG

Bug fixes:

  • Improved commented CREATETOTALS functions recognition as commented code
  • [support#641] Improved visibility creation
  • [support#640] Improved usage of scope parameter in FooterData1
  • [support#682] Better messages after importing reports and xmlports.
  • Implemented better footer sections code transffering
  • Issue when SRT creates border even if Border = No for a shape control fixed
  • Now report can be converted if NE-Line or Triangle shapes used
  • [support#698] Fixed error on Uploading report, improved commented code managing
  • [support#703] Improved CurrReport.CREATETOTALS placing
  • [support#709] Removed pictures compression
  • [support#706] Added error message if user uses old Simplanova tools version
  • [support#699] Improved footer sections placing order
  • [support#702] Removed unnecessary brackets from function parameters
  • [support#675] Improved code conversion
  • [support#712] Improved request page conversion
  • Fixed importing problem with missing DataSet node
  • Report cannot be converted then Report name contains word "Record" fixed
  • [support#726] Wrong Unique ID in SCC Upload CalcComplexity, problem with unseen CR/LF symbols fixed.


  • Description of Simplanova Report Converter Conversion Logic

Dataport Converter:


  • [support#710] Transferred triggers code put between comments

Report Designer:


  • [support#562] SRD Report List got new “Modified” flag;
  • [support#694] Included sorting options for groups in SRD layout creation;
  • Request Page now editable by default;
  • Reduce latency when opening SRD Globals window;
  • Included ability to modify line width.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed request page indentation error;
  • Fixed SRD reports importing error;
  • Line Top and EndTop properties now by default set to 0,01;


  • License information now shows object ID


Simplanova Tools 2.03:


  • Added ability to not generate SRD reports when converting Classic reports;
  • Changed Reports and DataPorts processing logic with Simplanova web services. Now we process objects one by one, it prevents possible timeout issues when converting large amount of objects.

Report Designer:

  • Added “206 Sales – Invoice” report template with id 83101. This report template has been created on “NAV2017 W1 Sales Invoice” base report and can be found in the release package.
  • Added conversion of RepeatOnNewPage without KeepWithGroup property;
  • [support #509] Added Visible, Enabled, Editable, HideValue properties to Request Page.

Classic Report Converter:

  • [support #538] Fixed missing code lines in Compression method;
  • [support #634] Fixed missing page header and static page number 1;
  • [support #642] Fixed wrong conversion of Blank Captions;
  • [support #653] Fixed wrong sequence conversion of OnValidate OnAfterValidate and OnPush triggers in RequestPage;
  • [support #662] Fixed conversion of visibility expression when GETFILTERS function is used;

Dataport Converter:

  • [support #566], [support #611], [support #613] Improved conversion of Dataport field triggers;


Simplanova Report Designer 1.06.:

  • New features:
    • [#720] Upgraded report preview: selecting a layout element in report designer will automatically highlight it inside preview and vice versa
    • [#899] Added table relation properties to request page designer
    • [#779] When row element has “CanGrow” property set to true, then borders of the whole row will expand together with the cell
    • [#793] Added format expression support to textbox elements
    • [#718] Added new operation type “Previous” for textbox elements
    • Font sizes, paddings and borders can now be specified using decimal numbers
  • Bugfixes:
    • [#660] Fixed an issue with international date formats
    • [#501] Improved support for non-ascii report symbols
    • [#1101] Prevented a crash when building empty report without any layout


Simplanova Report Designer 1.05.:

  • NAV object version had been upgraded to 1.0.5
  • Removed CTRL+V shortcut assignment for VB code editor not to interfere with built in paste function
    • [#805] Fixed a critical issue with dataset item indentation
    • [#834] Fixed an issue with DetailsExported group creation
    • [#218] Report footer textboxes no longer change their position when new section is added
    • [#745] Fixed incorrect report footer total calculations reported in some cases
    • [#775] Prevented an error with sequence number overflow in designer interface
    • [#714] Fixed an issue with SRB_Compress() function usage in the report
    • [#776] Object List for AllObjCaptions now works correctly in NAV 2017
    • [#716] Fixed an issue with incorrectly set visibility for dummy sections
    • [#878] Textboxes with blank source no longer disappear in build report
    • [#897] Fixed occasional linking errors between dataset and layout items after converting from RDL
    • [#967] Fixed an issue with negative size measurements after converting from RDL