4 October 2015
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How To create a Matrix-form in Navision?

Author: Alain Krikilion (alias kriki)

Note: The forms have been created with Navision 4.0SP1 W1

1. Example: Customers/Items

The first form (Form 50000) describes how to create a matrix-box from scratch (the matrix shows the amount for the items (and which items) a customer has bought during a certain time period.
The steps are described in the Documentation-section of the form and also in this How To.

2. Example: Show/Edit 2-dimensional array

The second form (Form 50001) is an example on how a matrix box is used to show/edit a 2-dimensional array (the documentation-section contains a description where some code has been put and which properties have been changed).

3. Steps to create a matrix-form

  • Globals
    Function "GetData" (for now : just make an empty function with return-value : text250)
    Function "MakeLabel" (for now : just make an empty function with a return-value of the type
       you want (in general : text250))
  • Form
    Property : "Source Table"
  • Add a MatrixBox
    Property : "MatrixSourceTable" (=Item)
    Property : "HorzGlue","VertGlue" (=Both)
    Property : "Editable" (=No)
    Property : "Name" (=matMatrix)
    Add Fields (via "Field Menu") at the left side of the MatrixBox (="No.",Name)
    Add 1 "Text Box" to the right side of the MatrixBox
       - Property "SourceExpr" (=decAmount)
    Add 1 "Text Box" as the Label of this field
       - Property "SourceExpr" (=MakeLabel())
    Select the label of this field => make the label larger, so 2 LINES can be shown in it
    Select this and move it to the left => more than 1 column of that field will be showed
    "OnFormat" of matrix-cell : This is to fill up the field
  • Implement now Functions "MakeLabel" and "GetData"
  • TextBox "TexDateFilter" : OnAfterValidate
  • TextBox "TexItemFilter" : OnAfterValidate
    TRICK for not needing this filter. Put the cursor on the label of a matrix-column (so not a label of
       a row-field). Hit CTRL+F7. Now you can put filters on the table that is used to define the columns.
  • In case you want an editable matrix :
       - Property : "Editable" (=Yes or blank it)
       - "No.","Name" : Property : "Editable" (=No)
       - "Text Box" DecAmount : "OnValidate" : Test if Value is correct
       - "OnAfterValidate" : Write Data to Database (Use "No." (=rec."No.") and
          CurrForm.matMatrix.MatrixRec."No." to know the correct records)


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Author: Alain Krikilion (alias kriki)
Date: 17/03/2006
Size: 9.2 KB
Downloads: 5672
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