1 August 2015
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How To calculate database usage?

Author: Luc Van Dyck

Sometimes you want to give a warning when database usage is getting close to the database size.
eg. For large batch operations, it becomes almost impossible to execute properly, when the database has reached 99% of the database size.

Therefore you need to calculate the database usage and database size, using C/AL code.

These routines does just that, but they can't be 100% accurate. This is caused by BLOB-fields in objects, as they are stored in a compressed form (by using a pkzip algorithm and removing 0's and trailing blanks). Hence there is a difference in the used (KB) figures according to the Database - Information form.

fctGetDbUsage() : Decimal
  ldecDbUsed := ldecDbUsed + lrecTableInfo."Size (KB)";
UNTIL lrecTableInfo.NEXT = 0;

  ldecDbUsed := ldecDbUsed + (lrecObject."BLOB Size" / 1024);
UNTIL lrecObject.NEXT = 0;


fctGetDbSize() : Decimal
  ldecDbSize := ldecDbSize + lrecDbFile."Size (KB)";
UNTIL lrecDbFile.NEXT = 0;

fctGetDbName() : Text[250]
EXIT(lrecDbFile."File Name");


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Author: Luc Van Dyck
Date: 03/03/2003
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